Friday, March 24, 2017

Hello to anyone who might occasionally stop in here still. It's been a long time.

I'm going to document the process of making Vogue 1468, a color blocked dress by Nicola Finetti.
I'm participating in a FaceBook Group sewalong for this dress.
First the pattern.
I made a muslin of this dress in January, then went out of town to see family. So I'm finally just getting back to this project.
Pattern alterations:

The Muslin.
I still needed to make a forward shoulder alteration on my right shoulder - due to an old injury my shoulders are different. And, although I added length, then added a 1" seam allowance at teh waistline, I found the bodice was still too short. So I added another 3/4" to the length at the waistling.

The Fabric
I ordered the last 1.5 yards of this beautiful Matelesse from Marcy Tilton. If you love it and want some, they still have it at Promenade fabrics.
Then I ordered swatches from EmmaOneSock of solids to coordinate. When they came and the fabric came I pinned the swatches all over the floral, but couldn't make a decision. So...I ordered 3 colors of her lightweight Italian rayon Ponte knits. This is how the stash gets out of hand!

They came in record time. After looking at the 3 with the yardage I still was undecided, so I cut out the Right front bodice and skirt pieces in the floral to then put up next to the solids.

In the end, purple wins
It's on the cutting table now.
More to come...

Monday, October 03, 2016

Recently Finished

Trevor's Quilt
Paper Pieced, machine quilted on my domestic Juki 2000qi.
Here's Trevor "flying" on his quilt.

In Knitting News, I finished the "Doodler" by Stephen West.

It's bigger than a scarf, smaller than a shawl. The pattern is ingeniously written, and was a joy to knit.
And, it's for ME! In my new palette.
A lot of the knitting on this was done in the car. We took a driving trip to the midwest this summer - our "grandchild" tour - got to see and spend time with all 6 of them! So the progress pics I have were all taken in the car. If today is nice I'll take finished pics and add them here.

Yarns used:
MadTosh Merino Light
Colinette Jitterbug
Knit One Crochet Too Cria Lace
Malabrigo Sock

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Getting Back to Garment Sewing

Well, I finished my Storm At Sea quilt top - it's on the frame at the long arm quilters as I write this.

I finished Jeff's Mariners Flags lap quilt top - it's quilted, just needs blocking and binding. Pics to come.
I finished the 5 knit Norwegian Stranded Sweaters, the 2 Christmas stockings, a headband and a dozen or so ornaments and gave all away for Christmas.
I did finish this, but neglected to get a picture. And my son doesn't want his picture on the blog - otherwise I'd post one of him wearing it.

I'm very close to having my Double Wedding Ring quilt top assembled.

I've knit a top since Christmas, for myself. I still need to crochet the edging around the armscye and knit a hem on it, but I intend to wear it Thursday so I'll need to finish it tonight or tomorrow.
I've also knit an American Girl Doll dress for the boutique for our quilt show in March. I need to block it and take pics.
And I've started on another project for next Christmas, using some yarns I have in stash. this is a good thing. I'll space it out so that it doesn't seem overwhelming.
So now I need to start sewing some clothing for me.

My friend and I went to Charleston to an Image Consultant 10 days ago to get our colors "done". Back in the 80's when the Color Me Beautiful book first came out someone somewhere determined I was a Winter. There were only 4 Color Seasons then. There are 12 or 16 now depending on who's program you're subscribing to. Obviously I've aged. But I've read that our colors get cooler as we age. I've also read that distinguishing between a Deep Winter and a Deep Autumn is challenging - or conversely, it's easy to miss and get them wrong with each other.
You've guessed whats' coming. As I'm older the nuances are less forgiving. I can no longer carry off any Winter palette. I've been classed as a Low Contrast Warm - Deep Autumn. There are a very few colors that cross over between the two deep palettes - one of them being Sapphire blue. Thank heavens for that!
But, all my black, my black and white, my white, and all my white with bright fabrics simply won't do anything for me. As much as I walked out of that appointment kicking and fighting against the classification, I know she got it right.
Welcome to my new color palette.
I've spent two days in my fabric closet - emptying out. Piles on 3 different tables. By far the largest piles were on the table of what I need to let go of. I now have a huge bin of pink and grey fabrics for my sister. Most of the white-with-bright cotton prints ended up back in the closet on the shelf with the fabrics to sew for my granddaughters. A whole stack of fabrics I "might be able to use for bottoms and contrast" went back in on one shelf. I'll revisit those in a year and may decide to let more go then. I sorted through my home dec fabrics and stacked those on two shelves.

And I have been busy measuring and picture taking, to put up a Sale or Trade page. I have collected some awesome fabrics, and most of the black fabrics I'm reconciled to finding a new home for. One where they might get sewn up, one where when they are sewn up the wearer finds joy in the fabric.
The Flickr Album where I've been uploading the pics of what I'm letting go of is here.
I'm about 1/2 way through.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Back again. I'm feeling the need to start keeping my blog journal again so that I can keep track of my work and my inspirations.

Lots has happened since my last post.
Last I posted we'd already taken possession of the house we built, but then we took off sailing again so weren't really landlubbers yet.
But over the winter we made the decision to sell the boat at the end of our sailing season. We had a wonderful season in the Keys, then moved the boat to Bradenton FL and sold it in June!
5 years sailing and living aboard a boat has definitely changed our outlook on Things, and accumulation. I think it's a change for the better.

It's taken awhile, yet we have adjusted to land life again. We again have 2 cars in the garage and a mortgage and all the other ties that bind one to a community. We love our new community in South Carolina. I will say though, I still have a place in my heart for northern Michigan.

Above you can see the working corner of my studio - the place where I spend much of my time. This year, 2015, has been my year to knit and quilt. I've gotten an amazing amount of gift knitting done - will save that for a future post.
I also have quilts in the works. Not one, not two, ...I have 4 epic project quilts in process.

On the design wall you can see some of the applique blocks from my Sue Garman "Friends of Baltimore" quilt. That project took a hiatus as I forgot the blocks I'd prepared to stitch when we left cruising last December. I've picked it up again - and go in fits and starts on working on my applique blocks. I'd like to have the applique on 8 blocks by the end of the year. This is feasible, as I'm this far along on 2 more -

Still, it's a long way from here to Simple Bird Applique's Finished Friends of Baltimore
Isn't her work amazing? And, hers is almost finished and ready to hang.
This is my most EPIC project.

Yet I have 3 others that I hope to finish much sooner. Oh, and 2 more ready on deck to go...

 Yeah yeah...

My Storm at Sea quilt top is almost done! Working title is Morning After the Storm at Sea.
I've incorporated a sunrise with a cross and mariners compass into the design. As soon as I finish appliqueing the compass onto the quilt I will ship this baby off to Karen Kendo who is quilting it on her long arm machine. I originally had ideas of grandeur, planning to quilt this on my domestic Juki - but more realistic heads than mine convinced me this quilt top is too large - it's HUGE, to quilt at home. And Karen's work is phenomenal. I will be entering this quilt in the Quilt Festival in March 2016, Palmetto Quilt Guild.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing so hopeful as seeing that dawning sunrise after a stormy night on the water. This is a quilt I had to make, and it's going on our bed in the master bedroom.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Surprise! I'm back again.  Like the bad penny that occasionally shows up in your blog feed.

Life happens, and the wardrobe planning project didn't get past the planning stage. So now I'm in wardrobe crisis. Will write more on that later, as well as update you on my new digs, and some actual Sewing.

Meanwhile, we all love Pinterest right? I've come across the cutest Pin this AM, and am loving the little dumplings. Problem is, the whole site it came from is written in Chinese?, Japanese? I don't know. Does anyone who might see this blog have any info on how to get this translated? What I'm wanting to know is if there are directions for knitting the basic dumpling.

Monday, February 03, 2014

A bit of a print - wardrobe sewing

 I've been working on the Wardrobe Challenge 2014 and the Wardrobe Architect exercises simultaneously, so I'm getting them sort of confused merged in my head. It is helping though to affirm in my mind what I want to make, and to help me keep in mind that I'm sewing for the life I have, not that other one. (Thanks Melodye).

Some of the boards I've put together - these are idea boards, not pattern and fabric selection boards.
Reminder, I live in dresses a lot when it's warm, even on the boat, and the knit dresses that I made before we left St Louis have totally bitten the dust.

In keeping with working with fabric I already own, and as important, fabric that I know where it is...and these are two pieces I've purchased since we've been cruising...I put together a plan to sew first two items that represent "A Print or Two"
 Found online are dresses made with the Milly cotton Voile. My interpretation will be a bit swingy and easier to wear on a daily basis. I like the Anne Klein pattern and I like the idea of banding the part of waist seam that is there with black.

Haven't made up my mind between the Marfy shirt-tunic and the Victory Patterns pullover top.

Now to pull the fabrics out of the storage compartment they're in and set up my machine at my moms house.
I have great aspirations.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

1/2 way to a sewing studio

We broke ground in September, and as of January 31 we are framed in and the rough mechanicals are almost finished.
My studio is Way Bigger than I'd imagined!! I wasn't accounting for the 5' hip wall the builder built up from the first level before sloping for the roof.
I'm going to have room at the end you see here for my sewing machines, my ironing board and my cutting table. I gained a 4' x 12' closet when the builder decided he needed a short support wall where the door comes into the room, about 12' from the back wall. So all of my fabric stash should fit on shelves in the closet and not be subject to light fading.
I'm going to have room at the other end of the room for my loom, a table where I might have small groups - maybe even do some lessons up there, and a sitting area. I've added J-boxes for future chandeliers at each end of the room, and am having fun pinning on Pinterest all sorts of furniture options.
I have CVT flooring samples on order. I'm so excited to have found hard tiles in COLORS! I didn't want wood flooring, we have wood pretty much everywhere else in the house, I didn't want vinyl roll goods, and I didn't want vinyl that is trying to look like something else.
I found these Armstrong CVT tiles on Lowe's website so now I'm playing with graph paper to come up with a pattern I want.

It's all exciting!
Meanwhile, some knitting, some needlepoint and a bit of hand applique are getting done on svFarNiente. It's been a brutal few weeks to be living on a boat in the water.
I desperately need clothes, and I need some quality time with my sewing machine.

Not that I don't know my own style, but for fun I'm following both the Wardrobe Challenge 2014 by Angela Wolf and Colette's Wardrobe Architect challenge
They allow me to play with patterns and fabrics on the net without actually having to figure out how to sew right now!  My current collection of clothing - I won't dignify it with the word wardrobe, is ALL going in the trash bin when we cease living on the boat. Boat living, and laundromat laundry, is very hard on clothes.
My own additional challenges are
1.) to sew with fabric I already own. Time to further reduce the stash, and I'm not into giving any more of it away. Just sayin'.
2.) to sew for the life I have, not the life I Used to Have, and not some fantasy life in my head. I need casual clothes, clothes that will live on a boat.

Did I mention that as soon as the house is done we'll be moving the things we have in storage into it, then getting settled, then going off cruising again? We are not fully moving off the boat yet. ... sigh

So who else is doing some wardrobe evaluation?