Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What Was I Thinking?

I declare Wednesdays, 'what was I thinking?' day

I have enough 'what was I thinking' projects to take me through a year of Wednesdays.
this is only one of them, High on the list, not the top, but up there.

Admittedly, I lived in Northern Michigan when I started this, but still....even living at the North Pole this sweater would be too warm to wear, even for an anorexic, much less for an always-too-warm menopausal person living where the temp rarely goes below 30.

Sometime in 1995 I picked up the Noro Silk Garden, then because I didn't want the stripes that occur with the nature of the way that yarn is painted, I decided to strand it with mohair. Couldn't get enough of any color of the mohair, so I bought three, and striped it in myself (What was I thinking?). Then, almost finished knitting it, and decided that I needed to make something to wear with it, or else I'd never be able to wear it with anything except jeans. So, warp the loom - with Mohair in the warp, and a single ply soft wool - What was I thinking? - answer, I wasn't! That was the nightmare project from hell on the loom. Finally finished the weaving, cut out the skirt, underlined with silk organza and serged all raw edges -

Looked at the entire ensemble, and said ?

I believe it was GrandmaHatter at KR that said she knit something out of a chunky yarn "hoping that somehow, magically, a thickly knit sweater would not make me look chunky. Unfortunately the fact of the matter is that it does"

And the fact of the matter is, although this yarn is lovely and the cables are pretty and the side-to-side knit is novel, I will NEVER wear this.

It is square, it is too long for me, it is BULKY, it would be way too hot for me to ever wear except for the one week a year I'm in Vail or Northern Michigan.

Fortunately, the sweater is mostly pinned together, only side seams are sewn. I'm thinking of frogging and making this:

It is still bulky yarn, but the sweater is a closer silhouette and shorter and it is St st, not reverse St st.

It'll go better over the skirt, and be less hot to wear.

Time to rip.

Monday, August 29, 2005

On the Needles - blocking

Finally, stitched, ripped again, this time the whole right shoulder, stitched again, and now the Ladywell shell is drying on the blocking board.

Along with this sweater, which I 'finished' knitting around 1991, then stashed it back in the project drawer. Never blocked it. Although I did knit the back button band, I still need to knit the armhole and neck bands. So, it is being blocked right alongside Ladywell and it will receive bands alongside Ladywell, and then I will be able to wear it.

Maybe a little dated, but not too bad, and it is really pretty. So, two cotton sweaters for the fall.

Today is errand day, then on to sewing group this afternoon with friends Sharron and Helen.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

On the Needles

The Jaegger Ladywell shell. As of this morning I was convinced I'd be able to finish this today, at least knit it off the needles and be ready to block, before seaming shoulders and then knitting on ribbing on armholes and neck opening. However, I don't seem to be able to get there. Knit, rip, knit, rip....been the story today. I've managed something like 54 repeats of this herringbone check, yet as soon as I get to the neck edge decreasing and the check, I cant' manage to get the patterning right. Made so many stupid mistakes I gave up and finally put it down and will try to finish the knitting of the body tomorrow.

I am so ready to knit something in wool - that has some yarn memory, and something in one color that will go fast, [at least as fast as anything that is knit on size 3's can go] so I CO the Debbie Bliss ruffle edge cardi in this purple baby cashmerino a couple of days ago.

On deck are several other projects, although I think that the next cast on will be the Union Market pullover. Not until the Jaegger Siena Ladywell is in the closet.


Originally uploaded by mlweaving.

Last Sunday, threading the heddles, getting ready to wind the warp to the back beam

I have yet to find my rhythm weaving on this, but I will. I've got 4 separate shuttles, not conducive to finding a rhythm.

For more photos of this project see http://

Today, 2/3 yard woven. finished length will be close to 11 yds

Finally, set up of blog acheived

This Blog is dedicated to documenting my stash reduction.
It is obscenely large [my stash, that is]
if the adage is
she who dies with the most fabric [yarn, beads, whatever] wins
then I want to LOSE!
I still have to learn how to add all the buttons and links, and make it slick, but right now, I'm content to just start the diary.

my stash includes Fabric, yarn, and beads.

at any given time I have a project on the loom, at least one on the needles, and several on the sewing table/cutting table and drawing board.

So here goes.