Sunday, August 28, 2005

Finally, set up of blog acheived

This Blog is dedicated to documenting my stash reduction.
It is obscenely large [my stash, that is]
if the adage is
she who dies with the most fabric [yarn, beads, whatever] wins
then I want to LOSE!
I still have to learn how to add all the buttons and links, and make it slick, but right now, I'm content to just start the diary.

my stash includes Fabric, yarn, and beads.

at any given time I have a project on the loom, at least one on the needles, and several on the sewing table/cutting table and drawing board.

So here goes.


Shel said...

Hi Marji,
I'm still working on getting my blog to look the way I would like also.

I think I'll be ok with LYS position. My stash is quite large also! I'm scrambling to get a few more pieces done so I can wear them while "on duty." :)

Elizabeth said...

You're off to a great start!

If you want an invite to the Never On Oprah blog, let me know. You can post about books you've read that would never be chosen by Oprah.

Zippianna said...

a weaver! Yeay! I haven't seen a loom in an age.

Congratulations on your good start. I sure hope you get all that stuff used up. When my sister and I had to go through our mother's stuff we both said we would never subject anyone else to such a thing. Unfortunately I still have some of mother's stash in my "stuff".