Monday, August 29, 2005

On the Needles - blocking

Finally, stitched, ripped again, this time the whole right shoulder, stitched again, and now the Ladywell shell is drying on the blocking board.

Along with this sweater, which I 'finished' knitting around 1991, then stashed it back in the project drawer. Never blocked it. Although I did knit the back button band, I still need to knit the armhole and neck bands. So, it is being blocked right alongside Ladywell and it will receive bands alongside Ladywell, and then I will be able to wear it.

Maybe a little dated, but not too bad, and it is really pretty. So, two cotton sweaters for the fall.

Today is errand day, then on to sewing group this afternoon with friends Sharron and Helen.


Kristi said...

It is really pretty. Maybe you could sew up the arms so they are a little smaller if you are worried it looks dated. I think it looks nice just the way it is anyway.

Elizabeth said...

That really does win the prize for finishing the most long-dormant UFO. Very virtuous of you!

If you want to update the look, you can use your serger (GASP) and make it a little closer-fitting. But I think it'll be fine as is.