Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bags are Packed, I'm ready to go....

Leavin this morning to fly to Detroit to attend the american Sewing Expo. All day tomorrow I will be sitting in a color workshop with Brandon Mably, the knitwear designer for Rowan who's worked with Kafe Fassett for years. Kafe will also be there, and is teaching workshops all weekend on quilting, which I am skipping in favor of more garment sewing related workshops.

City Knits, that knit store that got written up in Vogue knitting Fall issue is going to be there, and after I talked with them a few weeks ago on the phone, she said that she is going to be bringing out some pink cashmere blend yarn she has in a fingering weight, just for me to look at. ohhhh yummy.

Where is that no buy yarn pact I need to make with Laine? Oh, that's right, I emailed Laine back and said, "lets wait till Monday"

ok, must run
have a great weekend all

Michelle, Julie, Krissy and whoever else is reading: I'm down to the middle of the next decade! whooo hoooo.


Christin said...

Oooooh...the color workshop sounds fascinating. I love anyone who has anything to do w/ Rowan. Please give us the rundown on the whole Expo when you return. Congrats on the new decade!

michellers said...

Woohoo, Marji! I'm in a new weight decade, too, but up not down LoL! Have a great time this weekend. I'll be here, waiting for the next installment of What Was I Thinking Wed.

Elizabeth said...

You make a pact not to buy more yarn with someone who's name means "wool" in french?? Well, what do you expect? Have a great trip to the sewing convention! I'm jealous.