Saturday, September 17, 2005

Finally, at the Sewing Machine

All right. I know, all you've seen is knitting and weaving. I will admit that right now I'm more enamoured of the creation of fabric than the with the cutting and stitching that yields fashionable garments.
However, after MUCH ado the basement sewing room is organized and I can find things again - what a pleasure. Now I can go sew.

And my mom was just here for 3 days to make her jacket - the Chanel style jacket that I taught all last year; mom wanted to make one, so last time she was here we did a muslin, and then she came back and spent all of the time she was here working on a beautiful deep red and white houndstooth check tweed, turning it into a v pretty jacket. I just took her to the airport - and MOM, we forgot to get pictures - of the process and of the jacket. Whaaa. I know, dh (that's dear husband) has the camera with him at the college visitation, but that's no excuse for not taking pics. ;)

Now I have a whole day and a half with no kids, no husbands, no interuptions, nothing to distract me, to get busy down there working on my silk tweed jacket and skirt that is 1/2 made, and the chinese brocade sheath dress that goes with, and the flouncy silk jacquard print skirt that also goes with, all of which I want to take with me to the American Sewing Expo in two weeks.

So, I descend to the dungeon. when I emerge I should be ready to take pics of the wardrobe in progress.

oh, for my stitching friends that are reading this: Marfy patterns are available now in the US through the Vogue Patterns website. I am thrilled. Wonderful designs. Amazing attention to detail. and finally something different than what is avail here, not of the 'make it this afternoon, wear it tonight' variety that we usually have.
Oh, speaking of, I need to make two garments for display at the store for classes that I'm teaching this fall. the SanDiego Jacket and the Hong Kong vest. Who I ask, comes up with these names? Not my fav style of garment or of sewing, but it's what I'm teaching.

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