Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Finally, What was I thinking Wednesday

Yes, it is still Wednesday!
Spent all day driving to my friend Sharron's house over in IL, sorting through items with her, then came home, and started photographing and tagging her stash for destash sale (more later), then went to wine tasting tonight at Wine Chateau.

But first things first:
it is sad, very sad, but I haven't even had to start reaching to find "what was I thinking" items to post. hmmmmm.

This weeks feature presentation:
a 48 square sampler afghan knit of brown sheep wool - intarsia and fair isle and stitch pattern combination sampler. Definitely the adventures of a process knitter. the brown sheep wool - with or without the accompanying squares, is going into the destash sale. along with the natural undyed wool stacked up next to the brown sheep. It is excellent wool for either a fisherman knit sweater or a felting project. OR, some other ambitious soul can finish the afghan. If no one wants the whole kit and kaboodle I may just rip out a few rows on a couple of those squares to make them 8" (who am i kidding????) and send to whoever it is that is hosting the contest to win some of her lovely stash ( a sweater quantity) by entering 8" squares that you knit. She is going to choose what she wants for herself for an afghan, seam them together, then seam the rest for charity donation afghans - she is a better person than me, I admit - the very thought of zillions of hours seaming disparate squares together - with no rhyhme or reason to the pattern, color, yarn weight etc - gives me the willies. Michellers, with your artistic sensiblities, my guess is you are shuddering too.
I digress.
The afghan pattern was featured in the fall winter 1984 Vogue KNitting, and is really pretty, I'm just never in my lifetime going to make an afghan - not in my foreseeable lifetime anyway.

as for Sharrons stash sale - this is some good stuff my friends. See my flicker badge over there in the sidebar for a preview. I've got the yarns / quanities and prices listed in a word program, will try to get it on here tomorrow. Sharron has just retired and sometime in the next few months will be putting her house on the market and moving out of state - and downsizing. Sharron not only is a lifelong knitter, but everytime she bought yarn for a sweater, she bought enough of the same yarn in different colors to make one for herself, one for her daughter, and one for her daughter-in-law. The yarns she is listing (well, I am listing for her) are all purchased within the last 10 yrs or so, have been stored in her yarn/fabric closet - moth/pet and smokefree home, almost all are of sufficient quantity to make whatever kind of sweater you could want, most are wool - and there will be more to come. We made a dent today - but just a dent.
as usual, you pay shipping - I'm going to make this easy on all of us, shipping is $6.50 in the continental US, and I am now set up to take Paypal.

a demain

thanks to Michelle and Julie and Krissy and whoever else is out there reading and trying to decipher this funny language. (note: frogs say rip-it, rip-it, and a visit to the frog pond usually results in ripping out a significant amount of work).


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Julie said...


It's great fun to keep up with you :-)

And thanks for explaining what frog means-- for the life of me I couldn't decipher that term! LOL

Is it too much of a digression to do a post on the spring fashion shows? We are missing your comments on the Fabbo board.