Thursday, September 08, 2005


It's 90 degrees and the hockey game's on, somebody sound the alarm ... oh, nope, wrong temp, wrong wrong wrong.
It's Sept, we're supposed to be catching a nip in the air, feeling fall right around the corner - something is WRONG with this picture - it is 90 degrees.

And I'm thinking of Gloves.
In fact, I just ordered some yummy cashmere to make my very first pair of gloves ever. Ambitious? yes. but I've been saving this Deborah Newton pattern for gloves since the hat and gloves first appeared on the cover of Vogue Knitting in the Fall/Winter 1986 issue - I've lost and recovered the mag so many times in my sewing room...imagine my surprise when going through pattern magazines a few weeks ago to find the same pattern (yup, it is the same) published again in the Fall 2004 IK.
This time, I"ve made sure the pattern is staying close to the top of the pile of patterns, and went and bought the DP's. I think they'll be so cool. er, warm

Now, to finish up some of those UFO's.

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