Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day

Krissy, these pics are for you.
Now, YOU know that I have nothing to do with growing these - or they would be Brown and dead!
However I am supposed to do something with them.
Tonight I made a mint /cilantro salsa to go with the pork roast we did on the Rotisserie. and I didn't even get pics of the mint, the rosemary, the bay, the chives, the parsley -.... the list goes on. Anyone need any herbs? Pesto anyone? How many more pints of pesto can I make? How much more fresh Jamaican jerk? sigh... but I sure do love having these beauties right outside my kitchen door.

Well, it's been a week, and I miss my ediets friends, the Fabbos and the TCO's.
Hopefully you guys can drop in now and then and let me know what's going on.
I'll probably be back either after Thanksgiving or after the Holidays. But I really decided that since they knocked me out, I might as well stay out and continue to get some things done.

Michelle, I need to find out how the testing went. Everything ok? can we start knitting baby clothes?
Roxane, hugs GF, I did get your email. I will be back - in a bit.
Nanci, how's the house coming? When is move in day? I can only imagine from what has been posted here so far - oh lordy, these vintage projects - you must be LYAO. The fashion police are due here momentarily. I need to shape this up a bit. And if Anything will bring home to you that I am only a coupla years younger than your mom, (or maybe not), this ought to do it. I promise, I do have some awesome things on the worktable. They just aren't camera ready yet. Soon, I promise. How's Ethan doing with his new school year.
Lynn, how's the LL going? I miss reading about the saga.
Christin, I ordered my yarn finally for the Union Square Market KAL. I ended up with a baby cash in a fuschia pink, the contrast to be done in a smokey dk grey (black was too harsh). I tried the alpaca and it wasn't working on the 2's, and the 3's the stitch looked good, but the gauge was off - baby cash it is. Send me some pics of what you are up to ok?
Julie, Kimmy, I miss you both. Did you ever connect again re the volunteer thing and the boards?

TCO's, group hug. funny thing, a week off ediets and guess what? I'm losing weight - go figure. Down into the next decade again. Chele, I heard, via a little mouse, that you are down another decade and are kicking butt on the weight loss front - you go girl.

Anne, Sheila, maybe we can still connect this fall - anyone still up for Carmen?


On the Sewing/Knitting/Weaving front:
making progress - spent at least 10 hours in that bleepin sewing room over the weekend. Have another 5 to go, and it will be where I am happy with it, and can accomplish something in there again.
And have more progress on the ruffle cardi.
BTW, I know the pic of it in the book isn't all that attractive - but I saw a Manuf Sample knit up in a shop when I bought the yarn, and tried it on, and it was really pretty. Hopefully this project will bear that out.
And, the Noro Silk Garden and mohair behemouth has emerged from the Frog Pond as nice round balls, ready to be reincarnated. news flash: there isn't enough of any color of the mohair to strand with the KSG for the whole sweater, so, off to LYS I go. I will not repeat the stripe adventure.

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Julie said...


We MISS you on the Fabbos board, but I have been lurking here frequently to stay up-to-date on all things Marji :-) Will send you an email soon to catch up,