Sunday, September 18, 2005

My baby

That's a 500 lb propane tank deliberately set on fire for a training exercise. My baby child is in the group of 4 on the right, up front, holding the hose on this fire.
I say prayers every day for his safety and every one of the kids he's training with. He's a junior in the Fire Science program at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste Marie MI.

I also silently say a prayer for the safety of all the first responders every time an emergency vehicle flies down the road with sirens blaring.


Cathy said...

Our firemen are some of the most valuable emergency service personel.

I've just tagged you with a meme.


Kim said...

Tag, you are it. Details on my blog

JoanM said...

I can understand how worried you must be for your son. It is truly a dangerous career option, but where would we all be if there were no firemen?
My son accidently left a battery charger on in the garage, and it caught fire. It was terrifying how quickly it took hold. Luckily we got it out before it spread, but I can understand how whole buildings can go up. Bravo for your son.