Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Union Square Market Pullover, Started.

I cast on! Finally, for the Union Square Market Pullover.
I know that I wasnt' going to do that, until Ladywell was completely well and finished - ... but... well....I got impatient.
Ladywell needs one more armhole ribbing to be finished. Even all the ends are woven. But I really need to be in a place with good light, with lots of time, to pick up all those stitches and knit that ribbing. So, I did one armhole Monday, maybe I'll get another done this afternoon, and be DONE!

On to USMP
I used my grandmas crochet hook to make the provisional cast on. (pictured at left on top of the wine bottles. )
I have just a few of my grandmas knitting tools, and love it when I get a chance to use some. I have to say was challenging to use a crochet hook that didn't have a flat spot for the fingers in the center.

knitting up the hem.

Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino in dusty pink and apple green. I ordered the yarn from one of my 2 fav UK stores - Cucumber Patch. When it came, it was a dustier rose than the fuschia that I had thought it was - ok, take it downstairs to my nearly obscenely large fabric stash - didn't go with the black/fuschia plaid that I had thought to make this sweater for - but...
Alleluia! It went with this rose wool jacquard that I bought in Toronto in 1977. Perfectly, Beautifully.
I've been holding on to that wool - such an intricate weave structure, such a beautiful piece of wool - never knew what I was to do with it, so I've held on to it. Now, to figure out the perfect skirt and pair of trousers (I'm thinking pleated front trousers). Meanwhile, I got the sweater started.
Last week, when the yarn came, and I realized it went so well, I scrapped the idea of using the dark charcoal color as contrast that I'd picked up, and went shopping for something perfect with the wool. Came up with apple green. It's the right color, a tad brighter than the green in the wool jacquard fabric.
I'm so in love with it.
Have been clipping right along. The perfect project to work on in the evening sitting next to dh while he watches TV. Too dark and too many distractions to knit anything that takes too much attention.
My ott light is over my loom in the loft, and it just won't do to have to cart it to the LR each night to knit, and they are bleepin expensive to invest in another one.

Must go, have a private lesson to teach this AM. Love those, they pay well. Client is a hoot too.

will be back with Wednesdays 'what was I thinking'
This isn't What WAS I thinking, more,
What AM I thinking??

This is todays haul. I need more yarn like I need a big hole in my head.
So, why, today, when I went to the LYS that I'd never been to (Myers House Weaving Room), did I feel compelled to plunk down cash for some absolutely lovely Inca Alpaca violet yarn? along with 3 pair of Addi turbos circ's, and two Adrienne Vittadini books I've been covetting on line.

And to go along with all that lovely yarn, I had to pick up the Lantern Moon basket. Cool basket, has a top with handles that fold out for carrying that project along. And when I got home, in the mail, was my brand new beautiful copy of Poetry in Stitches. I lost a copy on Ebay to a higher later bidder, so went searching for it.
Found it at Nice website and what a lovely lady to do business with.

So, now I need a partner to make one of those NO More Yarn pacts with - best candidate I can think of offhand is Laine. You reading this Laine? You ready?


Nancy said...

Very nice! Working from the bottom up ... I got Poetry in Stitches too not long ago. Inspriational. Love the Lantern Moon baskets, so smooth. Still coveting those... You'll love the Inca Alpaca. I made a scarf for my mom out of it and it was sooo soft to work with. Love the Debbie bliss - that will look great in that pattern. Yeah, Cumcumber Patch and Janette have sent a lot of $ back to England! Finally, maybe a swirly, long skirt on the bias?

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

Hey, Baby-
You know I'm ready! I was BORN ready! ;)