Saturday, September 03, 2005

Vintage Projects

Vintage Projects

I can't call these UFO's.
They have been in the closet so many years that they've long outgrown Unfinished Object status, and have become vintage. This is a project from the 80's.

Quite frankly, I'd forgotten this one existed.
Think I'll seam it up, knit a rib on the neck edge, and see what I want to do with it.
The yarns are gorgeous. Maybe it'll be a good kick around the house while wearing jeans sweater. (will have to turn down that central heating)

Project Update
Ladywell: shoulders are seamed, most ends woven in, ready to pick up stitches and knit turtleneck ribbing.
Ruffle edge cardi: ready to start armhole shaping on back.

Frogging: Spent 3 hours Wed night ripping out side seams, and have half sweater unravelled. The more I look at that sweater, the more I wonder why it took me so long to ask "what was I thinking?" That is one ugly sweater.

The Loom: 1 yard woven/ 10 to go. Would like to have 1/2 the project done by the time mom comes to visit in 2 weeks - this means some serious loom time. 1/2 this piece is for my mom; I will make her a French Style (aka Chanel but copyright laws prohibit me from putting it that way) jacket. The other 1/2 is for my friend Sharron - who will make her own FS/Chanel jacket.

Sewing Room ORGANIZATION: capital O! I'm taking everything apart, finishing cataloguing the inventory, and reorganizing. I spent a zillion $ this week at Lowes buying shelving/drawer/cabinet/ and organizer bins. On the agenda for this weekend.

In my Real Life: It's the blues Festival weekend this weekend in Downtown St Louis. Heading downtown this evening - soon as dh tears himself away from the football on TV.


yarn_nut said...

Good luck on the sweater. Ugh, I have WIPs that I'm afraid will end up in the closet for 10 years. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck on the organizing! It's a big job, but makes such a difference in how productive you can be.