Monday, October 31, 2005


Having kids home for the weekend and/or the prospect of visiting the kids brings out the domestic baker in me.
Usually, I love to cook, but am not much of a baker. Friday Katie came home from college, Saturday Mark got here, and Wed I am leaving to go to MI to see Daniel.
So, the haul from Saturday AM: oatmeal cookies, brownies, dried rosemary (not for the kids obviously), choc chip cookies, and guacamole for Jeff and Katie while they watched the Georgia Florida game. What did not get eaten, and what Mark and Katie did not take back to school with them is getting sent to Daniel today.

And, while waiting for various batches to come out of the oven, I got more done on the Irish Hiking scarf I started on Wednesday. This one is made from some Berger du Nord SilkKid, a very hazy mohair blend, from the archives of the stash. Soft, pretty. Will have to make mittens from something white and not hazy to go with. This one is for ds#2 girlfriend, Ashlee, who is a Jr at Grand Valley in Grand Rapids MI. It is a very fast easy knit, the pattern is easy to remember after one repeat, and I can talk and knit this at the same time. Unlike the Irlandais sleeves that I got back to yesterday - ended up having to rip back completely on one of the sleeves to the very first cable row - comes from knitting two sleeves at a time on the needles and not paying attention to which sleeve is being worked - 'cause I'm too busy running off at the mouth.
Took the Irish Hiking scarf with me last night to Borders, where I've been catching up with the nicest bunch of young women who get together to stitch via the St Louis stchnbtch yahoo groups. I really enjoy this group of women, and it is so different to listen to them talk - all at a very different stage of life than I. I love that knitting and stitching give a very diverse group of women common ground to come together, and learn about each other, and form friendships that otherwise never would have been formed. On Wednesday nights I've been going to Myers House and knitting with a group of women that are on the other end of the spectrum, and are closer to my own age and up to 20 yrs older than I, and again, there is that commonality that brings everyone together and an openness and willingness to share knowledge and talk about life experiences and form friendships - something I've sorely missed since moving to this city 2 years ago.


Knit and Purl Grrl said...

LOVE the scarf -- and so happy to hear you are knitting from the stash!

Now excuse me... I need to go make some guacamole. ;)

PS Did you see the international scarf exchange? I just signed up -- saw it on KR. My first exchange!!

Mom in MI said...

I love the scarf that you have made for Ashlee! She will enjoy wearing it!

So glad to read of the contacts with the knitters. Sounds like a fun way to meet women with a common interest. Mom