Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm baaaack

Day One: All day colorwork knitting seminar with Brandon Mably of Rowan fame and business partner to Kafe Fassett.
Bonus, Kafe sat in most of the day on the seminar, knit up one of the poppies samples himself, and we all got to see the current needlepoint tapestry he is designing right now. Interesting process, beautiful tapestry, and it will be charted and kitted up - Ha! it would take years for anyone of my abilities and attention span to finish. If it ever got finished. Nevertheless it is gorgeous.
Back to the seminar at hand: if you live in Minneapolis, Seattle, Houston, Toronto, or anywhere close to where he is doing this seminar - take it!

He changed my thinking on knitting with color. I've done it, I know how to do it, (the sleeveless shell that I just finished is technically two colors, although they are pretty close as to be subtle enough to look like a single color), but I haven't liked much of what I've done that is with several colors, and most of it hasn't worked.
I'm really glad that in my poppy sample I made a glaring color value error, it was more a learning experience than if I hadn't. he told me as I was knitting in that streak of green, 'that probably isn't going to work there but do it anyway so you can see', and it didn't and Now I GET IT (I hope).

Here I am with Brandon Mably, trying on one of the Rowan sample sweaters he designed - this one is Zoe from the summer magazine. I like it on me, and think that I may finally have found something to do with the Tahki Chelsea silk that has been languishing in my stash since the mid-80's . it's been knit into various starts, ripped out, and left to languish.

(and if I had a diff pic with him I would post it, have you ever seen such a bad hair day?)

the class samples using scraps of yarn.

I have progress reports too - got some knitting done while sitting at DTW airport waiting on a plane. would have been totally wasted time if we weren't allowed to carry knitting needles on. Sharron and I both just sat and knit while many around us fretted and fussed (many around us never got to where they were going Sunday night, so the fretting and fussing was probably justified).

more about the next two days later....
but, in along the lines of my eyes are bigger than my abilities to get things made:

and again, blogger isn't uploading any more pics. I really must change where I put this blog - the frustration level is too high.

will try again later.

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Knit and Purl Grrl said...

You are a kick in the pants, chica! Which sample was yours?