Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday ramblings

good monday.
Before 8:00 AM I completed another 1/3 yd on my weaving. This is what I need to do. I figure at the rate I've been going, I'll have this piece woven off in 6 weeks.
In my head I'm already 2 projects ahead on the loom. (and I have the yarn for both already!) I've already designed the next project (in my head). It is another fairly loosely woven wool/silk/tencel blend that will be suitable for a Chanel type jacket, in purples and creams. I've got 2 handpainted yarns that are fine as thread, and 2 solid purple wools and I'm thinking of combining them. Have to sample it and modify to make what is in my head a reality. After that I'm going solid (one yarn!) and have been mentally playing with weave structure in a birds eye pattern (a raised diamond with raised center dots for interest. It will be a real change to be able to just throw a shuttle back and forth and establish a rythm to my weaving. I've got 4 working shuttles with the piece that is on there now, and I have to pay supreme attention or I mess the sequencing up. There isn't a continuous sequence that makes sense - that would have been too too easy!
I'd like to kick up the 6 week plan, but I don't think that is realistic with everything else that is on my plate, not to mention that I'm going to be going to Sault Ste Marie in two weeks to see the babybug. (doesn't he look studious?)

I also have to interrupt previously scheduled projecting to interject some holiday gifts. Hopefully quickies that will get finished before the holidays. What a concept.

On another note:
From the class I taught Friday: Jazz Your Jeans
These are student jeans, finished while in class. They were thrilled.

Then Saturday I went to Terre Haute to see my eldest son. Seen on the sign outside Lowes:

FALL ladder event? Are they kidding? This is getting sent to Jay Leno.

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Elizabeth said...

I saw a small business in a tiny town called Mealy Carpets. Eeww! Even if it's a family name, I'd call the business something else! The Fall Ladder sale is pretty funny, though. They should have gone with Autumn.

Your weaving plans sound fun. It's that tendency to get three projects ahead of myself that leads to trouble.