Saturday, October 08, 2005

Progress Report and more of ASE

The back of the DB ruffle cardi for which the rest of the yarn may never get here!

Esmerelda of Jaeger Odessa is feeling Very much the ignored stepchild to my other projects going on. Not much progress here.

Union Square Market Pullover
Yarn: DB baby cash
Since I took this pic four days ago I've completed two more inches of this interminable stockinette Am up to the increases after the waist shaping.

this is the baby that has been recieving the bulk of my attention in the evenings. From this 4 days ago....
Irlandais, see the pic of the pattern by clicking on the clochique along on my sidebar. I'm having fun knitting this one.

More on the Am Sewing Expo:

My purchases while at the ASE in Novi:
an incredible piece of cashmere, a Chanel lipstick red with a Pink overtones. Soft and supple - will become a jacket of some sort. A deep wine wool jersey for an easy dress. A wool windowpane check for pants and a butterscotch wool tweed for a skirt, a turquiose silk 4 ply for skirt, and 6 balls of the softest cashmere yarn for a simple cardi.

You wouldn't think that two someones who spend so much of their lives working with fabric and sewing would get that excited about being exposed to MORE of it. We were like two kids in a candy store or two men in a hardware store.

And bonus: I broke down and bought the Cochenille software design program for patternmaking. works for both sewing patterns AND knitwear. Can't wait to have time to play with it.

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Knit and Purl Grrl said...

I want to hear more about how you decide what you are going to make with the fabrics and yarns. It sounds like the materials "speak" to you... very cool!

And I need your advice on a sewing machine, you goddess of all things fiber...