Monday, October 17, 2005

rearranging priorities

The siren song of new projects is still singing.
What to do? What to work on?
As has been evident, all other projects have taken a back seat to Irlandais. It's such a fun project to knit. Well, over the weekend, I was ready to start the cabling on the sleeve, when the cable needle failed to present itself in all the places it should have been.
This is a sign. USMP has been sorely neglected. Esmerelda is ready to run away. and my loom considers itself an orphan.
The thing is, it has become Important that I bump up the finishing schedule on the project on the loom. So, I sat down and threw the shuttles back and forth for several hours.
Fran, on KR, is fond of saying "10 minutes a day" Well, 10 min isn't going to accomplish anything on the projects I've got going, but I can commit to 1/3 yd woven per day. Saturday I completed about 1 whole yard.
Then I sat down with USMP and knit up more of the body. Note to self: while I love the sweater, this process is just too too tedious. No more stockinette sweaters on 3's. I'm now 3 rounds away from the armhole bind off - will get those 3 rounds done today. Then it might start moving faster.

What's new?

Dave and Wendy are pregnant

Michelle is pregnant

my no-buy pact with Laine doesnt' cover books, and this was just too cute, too good to pass.
So, between Irlandais and USMP, and after the woven goods are off the loom, I think a fast, instant gratification project might be in order.

Meanwhile, the post office, the kitchen, the refrigerator with its spoiled fish smell that needs detoxing - all call.


Faith said...

Hi Marji!

I saw that you've been particularly helpfull with the colchique-along and didnt know how else to get in touch with you but have a question that is hampering my progress. How exactly do we finish the back? I've done the decreases mentioned, have done the 2 bo in the middle and 2 sets of 4 on either side- do I just bo now or should I keep going? Thanks so much for your help!

Elizabeth said...

I had to pull some aging salmon out of my fridge today. I even did the right thing and washed the pan, which I could have left for my husband. He'll be very grateful.

P.S. my word verification word today was "wddzwcx." Is that in Welch or Czech?

Marji said...

Faith, we're in touch, and I think have it worked out.
Eliz, I'm certain your dh appreciates it ;)