Sunday, October 16, 2005

Top on my Wish List

A real one. Not something that dials in and out, but something that is pinnable and shaped right.

There, now that I've got that rant out of my system....Nice weekend.
Weather is finally something that is livable. dh and I went to "The Hill" Saturday AM, the Italian section of downtown. We had lattes at the coffee shop that roasts their own beans right there, then went to the Italian market and did our monthly run, buying olive oil and pastas and olives and sausage and....went to the Fish market. Great fish market.
Then came home and I sat down at the loom for several hours, then listed more books (I'm up to close to 100 so far - sold 4 overnight) on Amazon, then made a fabulous boullaibase.
dh had football on for a solid 10 hours yesterday. This house has an open floor plan, and my loom is in the loft overlooking the great room where the LOUD TV is located. I swear they have one sound track for football and baseball games, and they just run that screaming loud loop over and over again; and they pay some poor shmuck to whistle and scream right near the mike at intervals. Yesterday I was about to go out of my mind.

This afternoon we went out to the winery, sat outdoors listening to a local blues band while enjoying a great picnic, mostly stuff we picked up yesterday, along with a bottle of Missouri wine. If you are reading this in CA, you may cringe. Still, it was nice. Now a game is on again. I think I may go to Borders. to knit. to enjoy the quiet. breathe. breathe. who knew that fall football noise would get to me this bad?

Now, who is it whose blog I was reading that has their wish list along the left hand side, that has a bunch of books listed from Amazon? If you're reading this, don't be shy, tell me who you are, I've looked and can't find you to remember. Because I remember turning around and seeing some of your books on my bookshelf. I'm not letting go of my cookbooks yet, but other than that, the books are where we are starting to let go of 'stuff'.

tomorrow i will update projects, Maybe.

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Elizabeth said...

Years ago, Threads ran some articles about creating your own dress form from various DIY-friendly methods: duct tape, some kind of foam, can't remember what-all. All the methods involved working with a partner, in order to get one's actual body-double. I've never had a sewing friend close enough to do this as a joint-project. But if you want to plan a couple of dress-form building weekends, I'm seriously interested.