Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tuesday morning.

Well, what do you know. Pictures today. Yesterday pics weren't loading again.

A finished back.
For technical info on how i chose to do the raglan decreases see the Colchique Along, button to link on sidebar.
I do have some extra rows in there, which is fine, except that it is going to affect the fantasie no 2 (the diamond pattern) on the front of the sweater. Yesterday I was thinking I would raise the diamond pattern, starting 14 rows into the godron (the horizontal ribbing), but looking at the illustration of the finished sweater (would it be too much to ask for co's to give us ONE stand-up- straight or sweater-laid-out-flat so that we can actually see the design elements?) I think that I will start the fantasie no 2 right at the end of the cabled ribbing, and let the extra rows of plain godron reside under the collar.

Laine and I have a PACT. details have been worked out and agreed upon. Good thing.

And, I've been loading books onto Ebay. dh and I have over 1000 books; almost none of which will fit on the boat, and only a few of which we are willing to put into storage. So, Saturday I put about 40 of them up on Ebay. The easy ones that are easy to let go of. Last ebay go-round I sold the Jean Auel Clan of the Cave Bear Series, but the Anne Rice Vampire chronicles didn't sell - who'd a thought it would go that way?, given the sheer number of Jean Auel books listed, and the rather small # of Anne Rice and the PR that AR has been getting lately. I have pics taken of another 50 or 60 or so books, ready to list when I get the minute to write the descriptions and do the upload. We figure we need to start being willing to let go of 'stuff', and the books seemed like a good place to start. We only have bookcases for a fraction of the books we actually have, so this is good.

Tuesday is a store-working day, so, gotta run. Go rearrange and sell fabric, and make sure my new machine is back in the box. I'm trading up. Selling my Bernina 153 and trading up to the Bernina 165. I have two potential buyers for the 153 - first one that actually comes up with the $ gets it.

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