Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wednesday silliness

In todays email:
• Dotted Sweater: Siam aqua (dark aqua). Large burgundy dots on right bodice. Open-knit left bodice, left shoulder, V neckline, and back. Ribbed elongated cuffs. Self bow; three-button front. Cutaway waist. Long sleeves. 100% lambswool. Marc Jacobs. $268 at Nieman Marcus

Why is it that designers feel they have to keep piling detail upon detail to make something outstanding?
Goes along with all this over the top embellishment phase we're in.

On the one hand, I love this sweater. Love the color, love the dots, love the shape, love the eyelet - but there is too much going on. They call those 'elongated cuffs'. The cuffs go to the bicep! The cuffs on the Cochique Irlandais are elongated - they are 8". This I would call a ribbed sleeve with a puffy cap, which I would have left off.

Has anyone been shopping lately? not the LYS, or the nearest great fabric store, but ready-to-wear? Sweaters Sweaters everywhere. Most with the look of handknit, even when they're not. Great way to try on shapes you might be considering knitting.

Will try to get back later with a 'what was I thinking?' Wed post. Right now, have to At least with all this running you'd think I'd be losing my tush - not happening.


Eilene said...

This sweater is definitely over the top with too many things going on. I do agree though that the overall look of this sweater is very cute. I would change a couple things. I would at least rib the whole sleeve.

Julsey said...

Hi Margi,

Just wanted to let you know that the Phildar sweater I posted about is not from the Irlandais book, it's in Tendances '05 '06. You can order it (French only) on, or email me and I can send you a PDF and we can work on this one. I may start a KAL blog for it!