Friday, November 25, 2005

back from Georgia and South Carolina

We just did another of those marathon driving trips - I'm flying the next place I go!

I had intended to get in lots of knitting time while Jeff and Katie were at the Georgia Football game on Saturday, but yours truly ended up with food poisoning, had to have been from eating at a McDonalds outside of Nashville, as that was the ONLY thing I ate all afternoon and evening last Friday. Very unpleasant 36 hours.
I did manage to finish up the next gift scarf in the car. I tried knitting on the front of the Irlandais, but I couldn't pay enough attention to that patterning and shaping in the car to be effective.

I'm making progress on my list of things to finish. Finally finished weaving in ends and knit on the last armhole ribbing. This will go with us on the cruise - maybe if I don't sleep at all I can finish the rest of my holiday projects and make the capris that go with this shell.

and yesterday I finally got back to the Silk Garden sweater, the one that I re-knit into VK11. Since I found the lace weight mohair in the right color for the ruffle in Lansing two weeks ago, I can finally finish this. So I seamed, unravelled 2" off the bottom of the body - it was going to be too long going over that skirt, and will block today before I knit the ruffle on.

A note regarding ripping up from the bottom: Don't, if you can avoid it. Going across a row of stockinette rips just fine, however when you reach a purl stitch on a cable band you must unwind the yarn from around the stitch, and at the end of every row there are about 4 unwinds that need to happen before going back the other way. Makes for very slow going. I did it only because I really needed it to be shorter for it to look right.

Lots to do today - it is my self-designated project day as I don't have to work for anyone else today. Yay!.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.


Elizabeth said...

So sorry you were ill! But the scarves look lovely

Anne said...

Hi - glad you "found" me again! Sorry you've not been well - I think the only positive thing about food poisoning is the sense of peace you get when it's all over... I love those scarves - they look so warm and snuggly. (You have in fact converted me to cable scarves - I've not been totally convinced before!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marjorie!!!!
Love all your scarves, all the projects. Sounds like you are making progress. The tree is humongeous (?) Shortstuff, how did you get that angel up there?
Have a great holiday..