Wednesday, November 09, 2005


No Camera this week, dsd#2, Lauren, has taken it with her to Chicago for a HS writers conference on journalism.

New projects: I finished the Irish Hiking Scarf for Ashlee for Christmas, and had so much fun knititng it, not to mention that it was a great way to use yarns that I have in less than sweater quantities - that I've joined the International Scarf Exchange. I also finished the rag quilt for her - have two seam repairs to make then I'll ship it.

Gloves - I want to get started on my gloves, but in the deals I make with myself, I decided that I had to finish the sleeves on the Irlandais before I cast on for the gloves - so I'm hurrying along on the sleeves - knitting as fast as I can. As an incentive to get there, I joined the Peaceful Palms KAL. Check out the gloves others are knitting as fast as I'm not.

And I've had such a grand time knitting the Irlandais in the Colchique Along that Julsey didn't have a really hard time dragging me into the next Phildar pattern KAL Tendaces. I'm waiting on the pattern, then will swatch it in the Jaeger Shetland Aran that I have in the Sage Colorway - from Jannette

Must go knit more on those sleeves, then come back and clean up this blog a bit. Put the buttons on the sidebar, add the links to Eunny Knits and several others who inspire me, impress me, push me, or amaze me.

and come back with a report on my yarn store hop that I did in my last 5 days travelling. Managed to put 1650 miles on the car in 5 days, and stop at 5 yarn stores along my way. Report to follow.

Happy Birthday to Daniel - 21 today. My babybug.

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