Saturday, November 26, 2005

Finishing, subtitled

A Cautionary Tale, A Horror Story, or A Tragedy?
In 1994 I went shopping at Inish Knits in Cedar MI, up North on the Leelanau Peninsula, and bought some gorgeous handdyed mohair, buttons that were perfect, and the store owner, Peggy threw in a pattern for a basic cardi. I went home that winter and knit the back and fronts, then shelved it. Winter of 1995 I got it out again on those long cold northern Michigan winter nights and knit the sleeves.
Finished knitting it went into a drawer, to keep the cotton sleeveless all-over cabled top that I'd finished knitting two summers before, company.
Fall of 1995 or 1996, I can't really remember, I went to a newer store that had opened in Traverse City, still one of my fav LYS's out there, and bought an Ironstone kit for a loosely knit cotton cardi. It was to be knit with a slubby red cotton, stranded with a black/gold metallic thread and a multi-colored pompom. I really didn't like the combination, so I bought a violet metallic thead to strand with it instead of the black/gold, and the coolest cotton boucle threadlike yarn that was also multi colored, but in a more sophisticated way than the pompom. And over the course of that winter and a winter two seasons later, I knit the body and sleeves of that cardi.
Into the drawer it went. To keep company with the blue mohair cardi pieces, the white cotton sleeveless top pieces, the half front of a boys size 10 fishermans knit sweater, the fronts and half back of the rayon evening top that I'd adapted and wasnt liking, and the knitted up pieces for a pullover in Georges Picaud kidmohair in blues/cocoa that I'd knit and taken with me when I moved to Traverse City in 1990 - so it was a vintage UFO already.
I went to the store again 1997-ish and was reading the Alice Starmore Tudor Roses book and fell in love with the designs. Bought the book, wanted to make a summer cardi, pulled out some silk blend yarns I owned, couldn't find anymore of that so went shopping and mixed with them some mercerized cottons, and adapted one of her charts - in bright unmatched yarns, and started knitting up the back of a large cardi of my own design. (see What Was I thinking Wednesday for a peek at this travesty), and spent a large amount of project time happily knitting away at this fun-to-knit piece.
And somewhere between 1998 and 2001 I knit up and started seaming the Silk Garden/Le Gran Mohair oversize sweater that got frogged this fall.
What is wrong with this picture? Seaming? Finishing? What? I wanted to knit. So in my very limited projecting time, I knit, and collected knit pieces of sweaters.
Along came New Years 2005 - I'm married again, living in a different state, have much more leisure time, and I decided that I needed to take stock of all my unfinished projects and DO something about them. I am on a finishing frenzy. The Red cotton cardi that began as an Ironstone Kit that I revised. The Blue Mohair cardi. The white cotton cabled top and the Georges Picaud pullover are next in the finishing bin. All else has been frogged, given away, or lost. By the end of 2005 I will at least be current with my WIP's. (work in progress)
The problem: What was an up-to- the minute fashionable pullover in the 80's is, now, sadly, a Dated 80's pullover. Boxy, square, very dropped shoulders, ... I'm going to finish it anyway because the thought of ripping it out is abhorent and I can wear it with jeans at home.
The blue cardi from 1994 now looks like a 12 year old cardi - no shape, dropped shoulder, def Dated.
The red cardi is also fairly shapeless, however it is so loosey goosey that I'm not sure shape would help it. The people who've seen it, those who helped me choose buttons at the store yesterday and a few friends, all really like it, but it is nothing that I would choose to make today.
Is this a tragedy? No, Katrina and the Tsunami were tragedies. But this is a sad waste.
And a bit of a horror story here for me.
Moral Tale: Finish that project when it comes off the needles, or pay someone else to do the finishing. I will always probably have more than one project going at a time - it is in my nature and I'm not going to change. But, recognize that fashions have a timeline. That ribby cardi that I really like right now, 10 years from now is going to look Dated. The Rogue or Eris that I'd like to start, same thing.
I hope that I can turn over a new leaf, and finish things rather than giving into startitis and shelving sweaters that are fully knit.
I do know, that by the end of 2005 I won't have any vintage UFO's hanging around.
Now, I leave you with this:

You are a siren. A siren is an
enchanting seductress that usually inhabits a
remote isle in the sea. The siren's voice is
beautiful and alluring. The siren's voice is
irresitible to all those who hear it. Upon
hearing her fatal melody the listener will
either plunge to their deaths in the icy ocean
waters or they will perhaps finally reach the
siren. Once the siren has hold of them they
have no chance. The siren represents sensuality
and passion.

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