Thursday, November 17, 2005

Gloves ON

Finally, I cast on my gloves.
In the deals that I make with myself, I'd been promising that as soon as I finished the sleeves on the Irlandais Colchique I would allow myself to cast on for the gloves. Well, not only did I finish both sleeves, but I'm half way up the front, and I finished Ashlees scarf, and have started the holiday gift project #2, so last night, at knitting group at Myers House, I got anxious and started these cabled gloves.

They're going fast - relatively, considering my dps are too long and my first row was a disaster. There are four cable rows which will continue into each finger. I'm using the cable without a needle method and it is working really well.

I still really want to knit these Deborah Newton Gauntlet gloves out of the cashmere that I bought specifically for them, but I've gotten a little nervous about making those (esp using cashmere) for my first glove attempt

So this now means I have 4 projects on the needles, but I will try to rectify that this weekend.

The PLAN is in place (Posted on the UFO blog) and I expect to have a whole bunch of FO's (finished objects) to post before the end of the year.

So, what happened to What was I thinking Wednesdays ? Thankfully, I ran out of projects that were blatantly obviously meant to illustrate my questionable judgement. And there are enough sites out there questioning others design sensibilities, so I don't feel compelled to add to that genre.

I"ll be back later to finish todays post, wanted to get last nights glove progress up.

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