Friday, November 18, 2005

Scarf Exchange

I got my Scarf Exchange pal. She lives in Australia and wants something lightweight, and blue, and not mohair. Hmmm... what to make a scarf from that is lacey but doesn't have any mohair in it? Ah, the Koigu KPPM.
We are leaving in an hour or so to go to GA and NC for a long weekend.
I intend to find some car knitting time and get the Irlandais front done, and the other scarf that is on the needles right now, then I'll cast on for this one. Or maybe I'll throw in another Christmas gift before casting on my exchange scarf. I feel good though, knowing what I'm going to be making.


Christin said...

Hmmm...apparently I'm not the only person with a load of purple yarn. It seems you have fully embraced the KAL movement.

{{{hugs}}} I'm hoping to catch up with the fabbos this weekend.

JoanM said...

I think the scarf exchange is a lovely idea. I'd love to join but I think I have too many things on the go already

Anne said...

Mmmmmmm, drool, you have a beautiful stash there! I love the Koigu - you have a lucky lucky pal there!

How are the gloves getting on? That's more gorgeous yarn - what is it?