Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Still scarfing

The requisite lace. Anny Blatt Starblitz mohair circa 1989-ish As I get further into this, I'm worrying about running out of yarn before it is long enough to be a scarf. I have 2 skeins, about 270 yds, which I thought for sure would be enough - we'll see. This may become a multi colored scarf - it's a surprise in the making.

And Mom's (potentially mom's) scarf.
So, mom, its a choice you can make -
this is yarn I bought for you, most of it anyway, up at Yarn Quest in Traverse City several years ago. Was big fun knitting it up. Has some bling and texture. combination of Naturals, browns, coppers, golds, and black. But it is not a soft cuddly scarf. Definitely a wear it on the outside of a coat scarf.
So, would you rather have a red soft and cuddly scarf? or this? if you click on the pictures they will open in another window much larger and you'll see more detail. I have time for one or two more along with the rest of my projects - so if you'd rather have the red, I can do that.


Elizabeth said...

I love the white lace scarf. I hope you have enough.

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

Every time I visit your blog, I am just in awe! You are just so darned talented.

Of course, I am buttering you up so you won't ask me how I'm doing on my yarn diet... ;)

yarnahoy said...

yes, yes. get your weaving out! i would love to see it.
I'm still a little scarred by the mohair experience ( & not quite sure how to warp a slippery yarn in every once in a while - dont have a warping paddle yet). The advice was welcome, tho'!