Saturday, November 12, 2005

Weekend Ramblings

I'm going to participate in my first exchange, the International Scarf Exchange set up by Celia and CynCyn (thank you ladies), and I'm really excited about this. So, I've killed more than a little time perusing the questionnaires that they are posting from each of the participants.
Some interesting trends are to be noted here:
  • people have very strong opinions about the color Pink. They either love it or detest it. Not much in-between room for pink. Me, I fall into the Love It category. In fact, I need to stop buying pink for awhile, I'm inundated with it.
  • Most people profess to prefer what I will call traditional spun knitting yarns over the novelites. So, who are all the fans of the novelty yarns that are so prevalent in the stores?
  • Most everyone who expresses any dislikes for certain fibers claim a dislike for acrylics, many on the basis that it is too "scratchy". Interesting, in light of the fact that the powers-that-be dictate acrylics be used for chemo caps because the fiber is so soft and non-irritating. I can understand not particularly liking acrylic, but not on the basis that it is scratchy.

Today was the monthly meeting of the St Louis Knitting Guild, and I went. Finally, I'm meeting some people in St Louis who have room in their lives for new friendships. Why didn't I resume knitting and start attending the small group knit-ins 2 years ago? (Hi Maureen, if you're reading this.) The program today was on putting zippers into knit garments. Carol Hurt did the lesson/lecture and had some good tips, but when I finally get around to knitting Bonnie Maries ribby cardi or its equivalent, and inserting that zipper, I think I'll use one of the tutorials found around the ribbi cardi blogs. Here is Bonnie Maries and exhibits great info served with her characteristic dollop of humor.

Speaking of the Ribbi Cardi, being one who can't just leave something alone, I've finally decided which yarn(s) I'm going to use for my first one. I love the sweater and think it's versatile enough that I'll probably end up making several. I have several bags of the old Rowanspun 4 ply (a tweedy, felty wool) in all sorts of colors. I'll need to strand 2 colors together to get gauge (I've already done my gauge swatch using 2 strands of one color and gauge is right on). So for my first one, I think that I'll strand the body with Holly and Midnight, then knit the sleeves and contrast holding 2 strands of just Holly or just Midnight. Or maybe I'll use the Lilac and Sugar. Or maybe mix up the deep red (It's called blood and that just doesn't sit right with me in describing something I want to knit with ...) with Sugar, or Jade....possibilities are endless.

Which brings me to the point of actually starting projects. Planning them is so much fun, and choosing yarns is so much fun. Stashing yarns is so much fun. and it all represents endless possibilities. Actually committing a yarn to a project and starting it is accomplishing something, but it all of a sudden removes the sense of all that possibility. Does anyone else keep some extra yarn in stash just because it represents so much potential? I recognize that I have difficulty with seeing potential in way too much. I've renovated 5 homes to varying degrees in my life - the last one a 100 yr old Victorian Lady in Traverse City MI, and each one progressively required more and more work. I was definitely guilty of having old house potentialitis. I've also been guilty of staying in relationships too long because I saw potential where there wasn't any, or it was highly unlikely to ever be realized.

Now I must recognize that SABLE (Stash Amassed Beyond Life Expectancy) is not a desirable state, no matter how much potential all that fiber has. (not in reference to you Eliz., but in reference to the sheer volume of fabric and yarn in my stash)

Now I will leave you with this thought: GO DAWGS


Elizabeth said...

Yep, we are on the same page, allright.

That thing you mention, about finding it hard to commit a yarn to a use because of all the other potential uses that are then lost is really true for me. I have no problem using some readily acquired, easy to replace yarn for a project. But, something a little one-of-a-kind, or a special on a discontinued yarn, then I bog down completely in finding the perfect use for it, instead of being happy with any reasonable use.

P.S. My verification word is buxsbe. Sounds like a nickname for a character in a novel about boys at prep school.

Jenn said...

Hey, the blanket was wonderful to work on! If I would have had more time, it would have been done sooner than it was. I don't really know how many hours I worked on it though. But it is easy. I've done the same pattern, let's see...3 or 4 times now. I love it still. It's just double crochets and single crochets. I would say it is a good pattern for someone who isn't use to crocheting. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Lynn said...

Love the cardi, Marji!