Thursday, December 22, 2005

Finally, gift scarves all mailed

Hanging are 3 of the side-to-side knit scarves that I've started calling my fabulous scarf - I didn't think when I started knitting the first one that it was all that spectacular, but everyone, and I mean everyone from my 18 yr old stepdaughter to my friends and mother who are in their 60's all love them and want one!
approx 200 yds mohair or solid yarn.
same yardage Ironstone Paris Metallic as a strand-along to the solid.
1 ball Rayon glitzy solid (I used Rowans Lurex double stranded in one, used Katia's Gatsby in 2, and an Ironstone something in another)
2 balls Meunch's Cleo.
Addi turbo size 8 needles with a 47" cable.
cast on 250 - 280 stitches. Knit all rows, always changing color on a right side row. For many of the colors where I only had one row I had to slide the work back to the beginning again and knit another color in the same direction as I'd just knit.
Balance the yarns so that there are 3 sets of 4 rows of the Cleo in the center, spaced by a row of the mohair stranded with the Paris Metalllic in between each set.
In the purple one I bordered the outside with some Hana silk I had sitting around.

Knit Happens has the Cleo on sale right now, and I'm torn between buying more of it to make more of these scarves, or moving on to other projects.

I now have to knit two hats, one for Mark and one for Daniel. I'm using this pattern. Last night I bought the yarn the pattern called for (what a concept) but didn't have the needles with me at knitting group to start on them - also picked up the cashmere for Jeff scarf - and again, didn't have the right needle to start that -
I did have the yarn and the needle with me to take up my ISE scarf again - which is what I did.
Progress made!

off today to sew - mostly client work. (who am I kidding, its all client work!)
maybe tomorrow I'll get to the rest of the Christmas projects.

Hope all my cyber friends reading this have a wonderful Holiday.


Elizabeth said...

If that hat stripe pattern is too bold for your guys then they really like subdued clothes.

The scarves are lovely. My favorite LYS had a bunch of sample scarves knit the long way and it amazes me what a difference is makes in the feel and design success of the whole thing. The knitting is no more complicated, yet the result is so much better.

At my other favorite LYS, they had a scarf knit the long way with smooth yarn and a mosaic greek key pattern running down the length of it. It was such a great effect. It would work especially well for guys, but of course, you would have to do grey on grey to please your sons. (I'm teasing a bit, of course.)

Lynn said...

Marji, those scarves are beautiful! Just wanted to let ya know. I love that purple one especially. Gorgeous.