Saturday, December 17, 2005

Lotsa yellow

Did you notice that I got status bars up on the sidebar? (Many thanks to Jae for the source code.)
Did you notice all those bright yellow finished 100% bars? That means folks, ends woven in, fringe cut and on if needed, in other words, really finished. Wooo hooo. I'm seeing an end to this gift knitting. note to self: don't decide you are not going to make Christmas gifts in August, then change your mind in November and decide that you will be making gifts. that's nuts!

Now, did you notice the all white bars? the 0% bars where nothing has been started? hmmm.
Well, Mark was here a week ago and put in a request for a hat. Have the pattern chosen, and the yarn, now just have to start. And Jeff came home last week and told me that he decided he would let me knit him a grey cashmere scarf! reeeeallly? Actually, without an announcement like that I would be reluctant to do it. But, I've been thinking about it anyway, so immediately I had two patterns in front of him for consideration. He liked both.
so, when I finish the last side-side scarf I've got on the needles right now I think I'm going to cast on, for my scientist husband whose work is in research, this scarf. A top contender for yarn is the Magrite from Karabella, or a charcoal grey 100% cashmere that Nancy at Myers House has in her back room that she showed me Wednesday night. It is a 4ply weight cashmere - very fine yarn that will knit up on small needles. Do I really want to knit a scarf on 3's or 4's?

Tonight we are going to see the St Louis Symphony along with the Symphony Chorus perform Handels Messiah. Tomorrow, another evening cocktail party, then we are in the home stretch. Jeff and I are having a quiet Christmas home alone, then Daniel and Ashlee are coming Dec 26. We've got hockey tickets, plans to go downtown to a blues club, and I'd like to take them over to see Logan Chiropractic College. Ashlee is planning to continue on to Chiropractic school after graduating from GVSU.
Then the 30th we are leaving for Florida, to hop on a Royal Carribean Cruise Liner. I may not even take any knitting!


Jae said...

You're very welcome! Of course, all I did was borrow it from someone else. They weren't kidding when they named it "World Wide" web.

Glad you are in the home stretch with the holdiay knitting. May that allow you to enjoy the season all the more.

Michellers said...

Yeah, right, you won't take any knitting with you on the cruise... ;-)