Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Inspiration and dreams

I've joined the knit list "knitting beyond the Hebrides" and the one KAL I stop to check in on every day now is the Crossed in Translation.
What a lot of inspiration.
I've had some really ambitious projects percolating in my head for a long time now, and think that maybe it is time to set some goals.
I've got Alice Starmore's book Tudor Roses, and have been drooling over it for a long time, saying, 'someday'. In fact, back when Alice Starmore yarns were still available I bought all the yarn for this sweater (its called Jane Seymour) - except for the 1200 yds I'll need of what was Turf. She Ewe Knits has translated it and has a Jamieson yarn that will work.
I also, last year, bought a Rowan yarn to make Elizabeth, the cashsoft 4 ply in white.

I have enough of an old pink/purple colorway that I love in silk garden to make Lady Eleanor, the entrelac stole.

And I have some babies to knit for. I'm considering this cutie pie sailor sweater for Dave and Wendys little one - (pssst: looking for feedback here guys.)
Katherine Howard by Alice Starmore

My goal for this year: and the carrot I'm going to dangle at the end of the stick: I want to finish way more than last year. (Obviously!)
finish whats on the needles now - list is on the sidebar
  1. if in addition to that I get two
  2. baby gifts made,
  3. the Lady Eleanor
  4. the Vittadini cable cardi I have yarn for
  5. the VK13 from the last post
  6. the Debbie Bliss Ana that I have swatched for
  7. the Elizabeth from the Rowan

note: I would add the Bergere de France cardi from the last post, but first I have to translate the pattern from the French, and I'm going to give myself some time for that!

The carrot: Then, and only then, if at the end of 2006 all of this is a fait accompli, will I allow myself to order then yarn kit for the Katherine Howard.

When I finish all the current projects in the sidebar I may treat myself to the rest of the yarn for the Jane Seymour too. Be good to be able to at least start that. I've knit the charted design, in that awful mistake of yarn and bad color choice that got frogged last summer. Be nice to knit it in something that works ;)

Knitting Olympics

Stephanie aka Yarn Harlot has proposed a knitting Olympics. I'm of two minds about this

  1. I should just stick with finishing what I've got going
  2. I could use that opportunity to bang out one of the baby knits, or maybe the Lady Eleanor
hmmm, decisions decisions.


Dave said...

Hi, how would you like to knit for a girl? ultrasound tech likes girl 80%. that would be a first for our family huh? Sooo excited!

Wendy said...

Does it come in Pink?

Donni said...

Sheeeesh - they are lovely projects - I was happy to finish a pair of socks - you are going to be one busy chick!

Anonymous said...

I say do the Olympics! What a fun challenge! (I'm still trying to pick out my project) Also, you get to cross a project off your list, and make more room in your stash! ;) (oops, I'm sorry, were you trying to *reduce* that stash?) ...your SP

JoanM said...

Wow Marji, You sure are ambitious. The project I am constantly trying to finish (and complain about) is a Starmore inspired one. Only problem is my daughter wanted it in 5 ply with 3mm needles and extraaaa long. I hate cables, so I am going to ooh and ahh for you while you do them. That book has some beautiful designs.
On the baby front, I have a picture of a sailboat I made from Bouton DÓr. They have some very cute designs which are more modern than the traditional lace ones I have made so many of.

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

I love the Lady Eleanor. That's just because it's what I would like for myself, though!

Just checked out the yarn Olympics... I think I will join in, maybe doing a sweater? Wouldn't you be proud of me???

Marina said...

End of 2006? I couldn't wait that long for a reward though I love your choices.