Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lady Eleanor it is.
So I decided that I'd better learn to do entrelac as a part of my training. So I found and cast on for the Danica scarf using some mohair and scarf fancies I had in stash. And by golly I think I've got it. Even figured out how to knit backwards, which will go a long ways towards enabling me to finish this in the time alloted. I figure 3 tiers/day for 12 days, then blocking and tying on fringe.
The biggest part of the challenge for me may come down to sticking with one project for 2 weeks.
I set for myself the goal of finishing several items before Feb 10, and I'm finding it very challenging to stay on task, and not want to wander off into the land of working on Colchique, USMP, casting on for the long neglected front of Ruffled Cardi, and even worse, planning and wanting to cast on for new projects.

I so admire those who seem to be able to commit to a project and see it all the way through before scratching the itch of start-itis again.
But I'm being Good! I am. I'm seeing real progress on the ISE scarf, which I can honestly say is probably the most challenging thing I've worked on in years. I don't seem to be able to keep track of where I am across 54 stitches. It doesnt' look nearly as impressive as it is hard to get right. One 24 row repeat a day and I'll be finished Saturday. Yay! Whew. It takes me anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to finish a repeat, depending on how many mistakes I make. And that is knitting in a completely quiet room, all by myself. I really can't count across 54 stitches if I have any distractions. Why do I find this so much more difficult than cables? Partly maybe is that I can 'read' cables and from what has happened below figure out what I need to do - here I can't.
Idiot update: I decided this afternoon to knit several rows of the ISE scarf without my glasses on - they went missing again and I could 'sort of' see. Almost one full repeat later, I put it down, everything has gone really well, my rows have been coming out right - pick it up again, take it downstairs and put my glasses on - somehow I did 3 (THREE) knit rows in a row, all with YO's, without a P row anchoring - how could I have missed that? Even without my glasses on...and keep going?. Ripping back an entire repeat now - unknitting since it doesnt' work to take this off the needle and pick it all back up again -and Idiot here doesn't have any lifelines in either.... big sighs....onward. But you know, photos really show the mistakes, and I'm determined not to have any in this. so a ripping I will go..)

Just a little cleaning house:
I just listed several yarns on ebay, including these. (only 6 sk of the Prelude, what I didn't use for Katies scarf)


Marina said...

Oh dear, after being mostly faithful to one or two projects for the past year, I've finally convinced myself there's no glory in that and I should start as many as I like, as long as I enjoy the process ;-)

Yay for Lady Eleanore!

Donni said...

You know that might even be a good one for me as I am looking for a substitute......and I love that ISE scarf.....:)

Jae said...

Your ISE scarf looks great! I'm sure your pal will appreciate the result and make the challenge worth it.

Good luck with Eleanor for the olympics.

Anne said...

You know, it's giving up on the whole "knit one thing and finish it" philosophy that means that I am a reborn knitter - I always used to get bored with a project, then stop but because I wouldn't let myself knit anything else, I just wouldn't knit - sometimes for years. Now, if I get bored I'll go on to something else. Keeping me "on task" during the Olympics will be interesting!

Elizabeth said...

I really couldn't do the "one project at a time" thing, because I need to have some easy projects to do when I can't be alone in a quiet room. Or when I might need to stop and start many times an hour. I try not to be too promiscuous with the projects: one really complex one, and a few smaller ones at a time suits me.

Shel said...

Darn, my vote lost out!!

Now, that last photo under cleaning house looks so similar to one of the colors I have from handpaintedyarn.com. However, yours appears to be lighter gauge. What is the middle yarn - looks really nice!!