Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mail Bag

Yesterday was MAIL day.
I had to go to the post office to mail about 30 pounds of books (I've been selling them on Amazon and quite a few sold over the weekend) - I had to wait in line for 45 minutes. don't get me started on monopolies and business practices - ANYWAY....

I got home, and got my mail, and there was an envelope for me that wasn't a bill, a solicitation to open yet another credit card account, or an offer to refinance the house. What fun it is to get something in the mail that you don't dread opening and don't have to shred. ;)

Inside this envelope for me, was a little CD from my Secret Pal. THANK YOU thank you thank you. I popped it into the computer, thinking I'm going to be finding some music to knit by, and I find instead a PDF file of the Eris Pattern. I'm thrilled. I want to cast on right now! I have the perfect yarn for this, an Adrienne Vittadini Eva in dk grey, in fact I believe it is the yarn the sample was knit from. I'm in danger of being 70 yds short if indeed the pattern uses all the yarn it calls for - but I will find a way to deal with that, as the yarn has been discontinued and I can't get any more.

so now, exercise restraint.
re yesterdays post: I'm adding some qualifiers. In order to 'earn' that Katherine Howard yarn by the end of the year I have to finish all the projects currently on needles and all of the projects that I cast on for and put on the side bar before Oct 1.
no sandbagging either and casting on but 'forgetting' to put up a status bar.
so, anyone who's knit Eris - the pullover - is it a doable project for the 10 day Olympic Challenge? or would I be setting myself up for ridiculous pressure? I'm working 2.5 days a week right now, so have extra time that I can devote to whatever I cast on for.

and re the Olympics - I've decided that if I finish 3 of the things on my needles right now before the start, that I will accept the O challenge - but IF I'm still plugging along on all, then I'd better kick it up a notch and not do any new challenge project. the 3 I expect to finish - Jeffs scarf, the ISE scarf (that one has a deadline anyway) and VK11. I picked up and knit on the 300+ stitches for the ruffle hem last night on that. speaking of:

Does anyone follow the directions?
I read the directions for this VK 11 sweater, then did what I wanted to anyway. They have you knit the pieces, then pick up and knit the ruffle-hem thing, then seam it all together. Why would they do it that way?
I knit the pieces, seamed together my front and back and knit my neck band on, tried it on and realized that the length was too long so unravelled bottom up more than 2 inches (not a process I would recommend), then blocked the whole thing, and now I'm knitting the mohair lace weight ruffle on in the round. Why would I want seams in that?
The discussion right now on the Knitting Beyond the Hebrides list is all about thinking through the finishing before starting to knit, and it is a really relevant topic right now for me.

off to the dentist.

Thank you so much SP. I love my mail. Oh, you have beautiful handwriting.


Jae said...

I've run into a few patterns like that. I had a sweater that had a gazillion seams, I used provisional cast ons and short rows to avoid all the seaming.

SP said...

You're welcome! :D