Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mozart & Projects Old and New

It's the big Mozart Birthday celebration and we went to the Symphony last night to hear the Piano Concerto #4 and then the Jupiter Symphony #41. It was fabulous.
at the end, the orchestra did a very cleverly written compilation of different renditions of happy Birthday. Too much Fun!

ISE scarf has been mailed, the knitting on the VK11 is done, all I need to do is seam the sleeves and set them into the sweater and that one is ready to wear.
I've gotten out the Colchique, figured out where I was re the pattern, and am likely to have the front on that done before we head to Chicago next weekend. I'm planning on taking Jeff's scarf with me for car and maybe hotel knitting, so that will be done very likely by the time we return from Chicago.

I've been working on my entrelac scarf as a learner project to prepare for the KnitOlympics, and for kicks and giggles couldn't let alone the mohair and rayon that I've been wanting to combine (one is a Georges Picaud yarn, Zig, the other Tiber Le Doux Mohair, but the colors are a perfect match and both have the weight and texture of Fiesta LaBoheme) and I've been wanting to try them together in a feather and fan pattern for awhile, so they made it to the sticks yesterday AM. Both will end up as gift scarves, and both are going what feels like incredibly fast.

I've been swatching. And blocking the swatches.
On the left, Mission Falls 1824 wool, before blocking measure= 4x4, after blocking measure = 4.5x4. I like the stitch size, the resulting fabric, knit on size 8 per ball band and per pattern. Acounting for the growth of 1/8" per inch I can make the small and have the fit come out perfect.
On the right, Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran. Before blocking = 4x4, after blocking = 4.5x4. knit on size 9 needle per pattern. I don't like the loosely goosey feel of the fabric knit on size 9's, the stitches don't look particularly even, and instead of blaming me and the way I knit, I'm getting to the point where I can recognize that it may be wrong needle size. I'm thinking of trying it again on size 7's and on size 8's.
Lady Eleanor, Colchique, new gift scarves, and Jeffs scarf will all be FO's before these make it to cast on status - I'm just playing right now.

And now for my old friend the Union Square Market Pullover.

There, I've said it.
The whole body, knit with Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino on size 3 needles.
The fabric is heavy and doesn't have a nice drape.
I made some pattern reading errors which I realized so late that I kept going the way I was, but suffice it to say that the back doesn't have the same waist shaping the front does, which isn't the end of the world, but it's not right either. And the right side of the neckline triangle is deeper and wider than the left. Don't ask why - dumb operator error. If I liked the drape of the sweater I could live with those things - I think. What was it I said awhile ago? [If you don't like it while you're making it, you arent' likely to change your mind when it's finished. If it feels hinky it probably is. ]
I just keep pushing this baby to the bottom of the heap, have procrastinated on blocking it. - there's another thing - I swatched but never washed the swatches. If this 'grows' in blocking it's going to look like the proverbial sack of potatoes.
Even if it doesn't, I'm thinking this one is headed for the frog pond. I'm really convinced this pattern was meant for a lighter softer drapier yarn, and that this yarn is too nice to leave it as something that I don't like. I've been perusing patterns that call for baby cash and Rowan patterns that call for cash soft 4 ply. I started having serious misgivings about this about an inch into the neckline V, but kept going.

It's all a learning experience. Admittedly it's ridiculous that this is the 2nd sweater in 8 months that is coming apart, and while I haven't started unravelling yet, I can feel it, it's coming. I even have some dusty pink alpaca in the stash that is probably way more suitable for this USMP. Question is, can I even face that much stockinette on 3's in the round again anytime soon?


Donni said...

You are one speedy knitter.....I like the combo Lady Eleanor Swatch - looks very interesting!

Anne said...

Gorgeous scarves, and fun swatching - sad about the Union Square Market Pullover though - but still, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino is too nice to leave unloved at the bottom of the pile.

Marina said...

It's tough admitting that something didn't work, especially one done on 3's. It'll come back better & you'll be glad you did it.

Hey, tell me when you've foud a suitable yarn for BnB.

JoanM said...

Wow, you have accomplished so much recently. I love your scarves. Pity about the pink knit. It is so bad when you have put in so much effort and don't like the result

Christin said...

Hmmmm...I'm sorry the USMP isn't working out. I love the color combo. I agree with you tho. Knitting is one of your hobbies, it is supposed to be fun and relaxing. It isn't fun when you start feeling like the final product won't be useful. Rip it out if you must.

...Says the girl who admits to hating one of her WIPS.