Monday, January 09, 2006

The old year, the New year

Happy New Year to all.
I know I'm a bit late getting there, but I just got here to say it. I will post a 'what I did on my vacation' post later, complete with pics, but, in keeping with my need for a sense of order, I need to get my reflections on the changing of the calendar written.

I'm feeling this New year is a biggy for me. I turn 50 this year. I have a 5 year wedding anniversary this year. My eldest son graduates from college this year.
I started some great things in 2005, branching out and stretching my horizons, and I plan to continue in 2006. I also began cleaning out and organizing in 2005, and 2006 should see much more of that.
In '05 I:
  • cut way back on my regular job and began consulting and designing for a client.
  • I took two seminars from Susan Khalje who really changed my perception of my own skills and craft. I feel so fortunate to have done so, and hope to be able to take another this year.
  • I finally took stock of my knitting UFO's (unfinished objects), got realistic about it, frogged, finished, and tossed, so that UFO's are not the issue they were. I organized my stash, and got some serious knitting done. I also did some serious stash enhancement - which stops NOW!
  • I dropped my membership in ediets, which allowed me to lose the daily focus/obsession with the scale. I feel more balanced, more relaxed. My weight is what is it, and hasn't changed for the worse for the lack of obsessing about it. I did make some wonderful friends whom I treasure through ediets, and am keeping those contacts.

In '06 I plan to:

  • get a grip on my UFO's in my sewing room - some of which also date back to the 80's. Do the same inventory, finish or toss routine that I did with the knitting, so that there are no UFO's at this date next year. This will be a massive undertaking my friends. I also plan to finish all the sewing for this house - a few curtains/draperies, some bed skirts and miscellaneous stuff.
  • In June I plan to participate in my first ever triathalon. I'll be 49 still, as the event is a couple of weeks before my birthday. When I was 39 I did my first VASA race, and took 2nd in class, 5th overall - it was the 40-50 yr old women that kicked my butt. I can't say that I will be especially competitive in the triathalon, but just to do it will be a major accomplishment for me. Barbara is my inspiration and motivation for attempting this event. She is one of the incredible women I know who have inspired me this last year. She came back after chemo last year to train for and participate in her first tri. She's invited me to join her this year, and by God I'm going to. It's an all-women event in Naperville IL the last weekend in June.

Now, for an update on the ongoing projects:

Scarves for Gifting all got done, except my poor suffering husbands. He expressed dismay though when I thought to take it with me on the cruise - why would I want to be knitting with wool or cashmere where it's hot (It's not hot in airports or on planes, but who was I to quibble?). So naturally, I took along some cotton - the very vintage Classic Elite Newport in wonderful cherry red that I bought back when Fran Kirklands went out of business in Grosse Pointe, ...that would be back in the 1980's. I finally found the perfect cardi to make from it - full of my beloved cables.

ISE scarf is underway. And I am delighted by the way the variegated yarn is pooling the colors instead of striping them. I' ve also figured out that each 24 row repeat represents 5% of the finished scarf - lovely to know that I am making progress with each repeat. At the rate of a repeat an evening, I should have this done and ready to post to Australia with plenty of time to spare.

The Colchique Irlandais and the USMP are just where I left them last November - time to pull them out of the heap and finish them. Oh, and the long awaited yarn to finish the Debbie Bliss ruffle cardi came. Finally found it at Lain's favorite store in San Francisco - can't remember the name right now. I ordered 6 sk from them and they sent it in two different dye lots. I checked the original dye lots I had, and believe it or not, the store I bought it from in Birmingham MI sold me two dye lots - so I'll have a total of 4 dye lots in that sweater. Looks like the rest of the sweater will be knit with two sk at a time.


the stripey tiger said...

Oh wow I love the ISE Scarf - I'm in Aus - I hope its coming to me lol. But really I'm curious about the pattern. Where did you get it from? :-) Stripey (ps I found you through the ISE blog)

Donni said...

No - it's coming to me! Ha ha