Tuesday, February 28, 2006

OMG she did it!

Stephanie actually managed to slow down time - and she finished the Dale sweater. and it's gorgeous! GO LOOK

and then go start reading (randomly unless you have boatloads of time) the comments left under her medal post - enough to make a hormonally challenged woman get all teary-eyed.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday Progress Report

Are we all totally tired of Knitting Olympics and glad to see the last of K.O. projects?
Congrats to everyone who finished! Really - but aren't we all glad that's over?
I'm waiting with bated breath to see if Stephanie was able to change the time-space continuum and finish that Dale Sweater.

I'm glad Lady E got done, I'm glad beyond saying that I participated and discovered the joys of starting AND finishing a project.
and, I accomplished some of my goals towards earning that yarn kit for the Jane Seymour - I learned Entrelac and knit the Lady E.

I think it's time to make like Jae and get all the active projects off needles, except what I am working on at the moment. However, I want to knit them off, to the point that the DB ruffle cardi is that you see below - where the only live stitches left are on a stitch holder.

I've made great progress this weekend on the Red Karabella cardi. It's knit in the 'round' as much as a cardi can be - fronts and back are knit together until the split at the raglan sleeve shaping. (the pattern isn't written that way, I converted it). tonight or tomorrow night I should be able to knit this right off the needles.

Feather and Fan and the other Lady E can tag along as mindless projects when I can't pay attention to what I'm knitting, and as long as I knit fairly frequently on them, I'm not worried about needle lines forming, especially with the Lady.

Still on the needles

Clockwise From top left:

Colchique front, feather and fan scarf, Esmerelda back, Lady E in Shinano, single glove, Karabella cable cardi in red cotton - fronts and back, Debbie Bliss ruffle cardi on stitch holder.

I'm making progress, but right now I'm still feeling the UFO field is a little too crowded.

Has anyone checked out Marina's FO's from the UFO Olympics? Impressive Indeed.

Time to make like I'm a social being again and pay some attention to my friends.

Friday, February 24, 2006

I finished!

sorry Donni, no Merlot at the finish line, we are on to Kettle One Martini's with blue cheese stuffed olives. (yikes I need a haircut - and some color - don't look close)

(notice the boots? when I walked into Threadquarters this afternoon, Melissa asked me "Did you buy the boots to go with the shawl?" the answer is No, they were already in my closet.)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Presenting Lady E

I was right, this takes Forever!

I love the finished product, will someday get a better pic of it.

Truth is, it isn't 100% done, the other side needs to be beaded - will leave it for Saturday or Sunday.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Infidelity Wins

While Jae is discovering the joys of knitting with intent, yesterday I broke with project fidelity:

In the morning I finished the Danica, weaving in ends and knitting the sawtooth border and blocking it,
then I unravelled the USMP
Last evening I knit on the feather and fan a bit
then I knit on Esmerelda a bit
then I knit on the Shinano Lady E a bit.

Then I ate a brownie!

I am not casting on any new projects until I turn to yellow a fair amount of what is left on the sidebar - but I just needed a day to 'swing'

Today, I sewed.
Tomorrow is another day - didn't someone say that already?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Two more projects off the sidebar

The training/learning project for Entrelac - Finished. Drying on the towels as I write.
Yarn: Trendsetter Dune and Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Mohair
needles: size 8 Brittany Black Walnut
End treatment: I got out Nicky Epsteins wonderful book Knitting on the Edge and used this sawtooth triangle in lieu of fringe. I think it worked rather well.

This particular project goes into the Christmas gift basket for '06 - if you are partial to this scarf and have reason to think you are on my list - don't hesitate to let me know. You just may find a surprise under your tree come next December. 'Cause right now I'm not sure where this will end up.

Sorry mom, but....This had to go.


Gone! Now this has the potential to become something I will like...and wear.

I need to wash the yarn and hang it to dry - but at least it is hanked.

Notice the weavers warping board I used to wind the yarn off? My eldest son made the warping board for me, and it is finished beautifully.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

C'est Finis (the knitting part anyway)

I still have a frightful number of ends to weave in, then I need to block it, tie on the fringe, then knot and bead the fringe.
This is the part that usually gets me, if I haven't already wandered away from it during the knitting part.
So the next part of this challenge is to stick with it.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pics later, on sk 10

Pics later, but I'm sailing along nicely on Lady E.
'coupla times I've hit the wall, and if I weren't on a mission with this project would happily have sidetracked off into another knit. This project monogamy is a challenge in and of itself!

So, what did I do Thursday after meeting and consulting with my knitting/sewing friends Sharron, Helen and Isabelle? I decided that knotting the fringe wouldn't be quite enough, that I needed to BEAD each knot.

So, Sharron and I, in the middle of a torrential rain, highed ourselves off to the bead store, to hand pick through at least 5000 beads to get just the right colors for her Lady E, my Lady E, and the training Lady E - that folks is 1000 beads.

But I will finish this Lady. and block her, then tie on the fringe, and knot it and bead it.
Hopefully in time to wear her to the Symphony next Saturday night. Can I do it?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday - 6 down, 6 to go

Baking at 7:00
Care pkg ready for mailing (well, almost ready)

Left Triangles

For the most part, I'm happy with the way the directions are written for Lady E.
However, I don't like the left edge the way the pattern is written. It leaves holes all along the edge if you M1 by lifting the bar between the 2 last stitches on the needle on the knit row. That hole is exacerbated by knitting the first stitch of the purl row.

So, I changed the way I was lifting the M1, then I purled the first stitch of the following row and voila, nice closed edge.

this is what the picked up stitch looks like when the stitch picked up is the one directly below the next stitch to knit.

  • 6 skeins knit,
  • 1/2 of another cut for fringe,
  • 5.5 sk to knit
Answers to questions/comments:
Marina, I don't know if I will finish the Lady E in Shinano before the extinguishing of the Olympic Torch, but i will work on it as soon as this one is finished - ready to wear finished ;)
Elizabeth, Yes, my mom leads a life where wearing silk is a weekly if not daily possibility
Jae, I'm not on Team Merlot for nuthin'. LOL tho, I can have a glass of wine and not mess up my knitting, a whole bottle might do me in.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone.
What I'm learning: I can indeed work on one project to the exclusion of flitting around like a butterfly, and when I do that, I see progress. What a concept!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Update - Edited

a package, in the mail, for me, today, from my Secret Pal
The details even in the wrapping are fabulous, from the Toile wrapping to the ribbon with the woven white stripe.
And its RED! REd yarn, an alpaca tencel blend - I've been eyeing some of the tencel blends lately and wanting to try them out - what a great opportunity. And short dps - I really really need them before getting back to my abandoned glove project (not abandoned, just backburnered). The red yarn is going to turn into a soft squishy scarf for moi. Thank you!
And chocolate covered espresso beans - chocolate and caffeine - what better combination for a perk-me-up while doing this Olympic knitting?

thank you so much Secret Pal. (for reasons I can't even go into I was sitting here today feeling a little glum, and this was so nice)
my postman must think somethings up here - today he had to pick up a pkg that had a 'Secret Pal' return address label, and he delivered one with the same - however the one he delivered was wrapped far superior to the one he took! I'd take a pic of that except that it's all addresses that I'm not anxious to post here.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Torino Inspired

The Domestic Diva comes out to play
Watching all the travelogue and background coverage of Torino inspired the domestic diva in me to make an Italian inspired dinner. So hubby obliged me by running to the store for flank steak, fontina and parmesan, and some fresh basil and proscuitto, while I sat and knit yesterday AM.
Then I went to play in the kitchen

flank steak, stuffed with proscuitto, basil, and seasoned breadcrumbs with fontina and olives.
accompanied by a basil risotto, that I tossed a little of the dried thyme into from our summer herb garden.
meanwhile, I'm making progress. I just started the fourth skein (of 12). I know I won't be able to keep the pace, so I'm trying to get a little ahead this weekend. I'm loving the way the colors are developing. Warning to those who are considering (that would be you Marina) this is an addictive little knit.

More to come later (next break) on the state of affairs over at Project Runway, and the Olympic sports.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Cast On, Carry On

Time to cast on for the Knitting Olympics
The project: Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole from Scarf Style
yarn: 12 skeins Noro Silk Garden color #7. (color is discontinued)

the knit piece in front is my training piece, another Lady Eleanor that I decided to knit when Sharron wanted to cast on to learn the Entrelac over a week ago, and I had this other Noro Shinano sitting there just begging to be a Lady E.
It will be sidelined as of today while I put in time on the real event. As you can see, all 12 of the skeins for the Lady E for the Olympic Knitting event are still intact.

so for the next 16 days
May the World come together in the spirit of friendly competition,
May the terrorists take some time off from their destructive and deadly activities,
May people everywhere take pride in their countrymen and women, and
May the Athletes stay safe. God Bless them all.

and may the knitters avoid carpel tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis.

Cast on, and Cheers (to my fellow Team Merlot players)

And this is my mom in her golden silk.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

almost the Olympics

February is for finishing? Guess I'm taking that to heart.
Mom and her hubby are here visiting, and I've got undercabinet lights! Richard spent most of yesterday and today installing the over-the-counter undercabinet lights all around my kitchen and in the bar area. Thank you Richard. They are a vast improvement over the white flourescent fixtures that were there.

Jeffs scarf, finished 2/5/06

Size 3 Inox needles,

100% cashmere

Denises Tree Skirt is finally done, packaged, with postage attached, to go into mail tomorrow.

for details see here

And mom and I have been down in the sewing room (thanks to Mom the tree skirt is done. She did the last little bit of the hand sewing and kept me on task. There was some machine work left to be done on it too.

Mom is also going home with her silk brocade pants and dupioni blouse that I've had almost finished forever. I put in the buttonholes this afternoon, finished sewing the pants, and she is sewing on her own buttons - its a finish it yourself gift evidently! ;)

more to update later.

oh, the boat show? can you see me in my new kitchen? (no we didn't buy it - still dreaming)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

February Feels like...

felting? I don't felt but the alliterative temptation was too great

Sewing, sure, but that is hardly poetic

ah; Finishing
February feels like Finishing month.

After an entire day spent running around getting emissions and safety inspections on the car, then to the licensing bureau for tabs, to the bank to fund the progeny's accounts, then to the post office to mail off 2 more books and 4 packages of yarn [a digression here: I love most of my stash, my extensive stash, but some of it, well, I don't love so much. better to place it on ebay where someone who is likely to love it more than I do, so that it may find its way into a project, better they should have it, - make more room in my stash for things I LOVE]

anyway, where was I? Finishing. I feel the need to accomplish something tangible.

time to finish some things. In bopping around looking at blogs this week I read a line by someone who has resolved this year to work on one thing at a time. She commented that it is amazing how quickly something gets done when all your attention is focused on that one thing. So for February alone I will attempt serial monogamy.

a caveat: Sewing and Knitting are two distinct and separate areas, I will not consider it infidelity to be working on a sewing project and say, Jeff's scarf, at the same time. I need to hi ho myself right on down to the sewing workshop and begin making sense of the projects down there.

I won't bore you with a list of hopeful contenders for finishing this month- lets just see what gets done.

The people that put up Self Portrait Tuesdays have declared February the good, the bad, and the ugly month.

Tomorrow we are leaving to go house (er, I mean boat) shopping again, but when we return, I have to decide whether to expose the ugly underbelly here that is my sewing workshop. Last year I organized and exposed my yarn stash - I'm just not sure I can go there with my sewing. It is more a part of me, and has been central to so much of my life, that the dis-order and well, sheer magnitude of it is much much more than my knitting has ever thought about being.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this:

Boat browsing in Chicago in February is supposed to invoke images like this in the hearts of sailors everywhere.
this was taken on Lake Charlevoix summer before last. that is me at the helm, way back there.
somehow, the concrete and steel structure that is the Expo center on Navy Pier, in February, lacks the ambiance to invoke much more than wishes.

On the agenda this time: seminars on navigation, radar, storage, and I forget what all else exciting to the senses. Aren't you jealous??