Wednesday, February 08, 2006

almost the Olympics

February is for finishing? Guess I'm taking that to heart.
Mom and her hubby are here visiting, and I've got undercabinet lights! Richard spent most of yesterday and today installing the over-the-counter undercabinet lights all around my kitchen and in the bar area. Thank you Richard. They are a vast improvement over the white flourescent fixtures that were there.

Jeffs scarf, finished 2/5/06

Size 3 Inox needles,

100% cashmere

Denises Tree Skirt is finally done, packaged, with postage attached, to go into mail tomorrow.

for details see here

And mom and I have been down in the sewing room (thanks to Mom the tree skirt is done. She did the last little bit of the hand sewing and kept me on task. There was some machine work left to be done on it too.

Mom is also going home with her silk brocade pants and dupioni blouse that I've had almost finished forever. I put in the buttonholes this afternoon, finished sewing the pants, and she is sewing on her own buttons - its a finish it yourself gift evidently! ;)

more to update later.

oh, the boat show? can you see me in my new kitchen? (no we didn't buy it - still dreaming)


Jae said...

Wow, you've been busy! Doesn't it feel good to have a long list of accomplishments?

Marina said...

Wow, you've been productive. I love the tree skirt. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I am imagining you storing yarn instead of food in the kitchen cabinets...!!

Have not picked a pattern for The Knitting Olympics yet. Think I will just aim for unofficial accompaniment -- finishing my Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater.

Congrats on all the finishing! What a great feeling!