Friday, February 10, 2006

Cast On, Carry On

Time to cast on for the Knitting Olympics
The project: Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole from Scarf Style
yarn: 12 skeins Noro Silk Garden color #7. (color is discontinued)

the knit piece in front is my training piece, another Lady Eleanor that I decided to knit when Sharron wanted to cast on to learn the Entrelac over a week ago, and I had this other Noro Shinano sitting there just begging to be a Lady E.
It will be sidelined as of today while I put in time on the real event. As you can see, all 12 of the skeins for the Lady E for the Olympic Knitting event are still intact.

so for the next 16 days
May the World come together in the spirit of friendly competition,
May the terrorists take some time off from their destructive and deadly activities,
May people everywhere take pride in their countrymen and women, and
May the Athletes stay safe. God Bless them all.

and may the knitters avoid carpel tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis.

Cast on, and Cheers (to my fellow Team Merlot players)

And this is my mom in her golden silk.


Jae said...

Good Luck! I'll be cheering for you!

Marina said...

Very elegant. I want a top like that. Oh boy, I'm beginning to feel the urge to shop for some Noro ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Wowie zowie! Your mom looks tres elegante in her silk suit. Does she have a dress-up lifestyle?

I'll be observing the olympics madness from the sidelines. I can't commit to more knitting time than I already have and don't feel like planning something special right now. Good luck with that.

Anne said...

Lady Eleanor looks - I was going to say "fun", but she's much too elegant to describe as "fun" - knitting her should be fun though. Good luck!

J Mac said...

I love the Shinano Lady Eleanor! The colors work really well with the pattern. And as I said on flickr, I can't wait to see your Lady E in the Silk Garden. I love seeing all the different colorways in the same pattern.

Good luck!

Kathy said...

Your mom is beautiful!!! What a great picture!!

Anonymous said...

I am sidelined from the event due to a groin pull... oops, no, that's Michelle Kwan, not me! **I** have strep and major work assignments, so I'm setting my sites on 2008 (I can knit in the summer, right???). So I am cheering you on, instead! LOVE the Lady E. And your mom looks lovely in her gold silk! Go, Go, Merlot!