Wednesday, February 01, 2006

February Feels like...

felting? I don't felt but the alliterative temptation was too great

Sewing, sure, but that is hardly poetic

ah; Finishing
February feels like Finishing month.

After an entire day spent running around getting emissions and safety inspections on the car, then to the licensing bureau for tabs, to the bank to fund the progeny's accounts, then to the post office to mail off 2 more books and 4 packages of yarn [a digression here: I love most of my stash, my extensive stash, but some of it, well, I don't love so much. better to place it on ebay where someone who is likely to love it more than I do, so that it may find its way into a project, better they should have it, - make more room in my stash for things I LOVE]

anyway, where was I? Finishing. I feel the need to accomplish something tangible.

time to finish some things. In bopping around looking at blogs this week I read a line by someone who has resolved this year to work on one thing at a time. She commented that it is amazing how quickly something gets done when all your attention is focused on that one thing. So for February alone I will attempt serial monogamy.

a caveat: Sewing and Knitting are two distinct and separate areas, I will not consider it infidelity to be working on a sewing project and say, Jeff's scarf, at the same time. I need to hi ho myself right on down to the sewing workshop and begin making sense of the projects down there.

I won't bore you with a list of hopeful contenders for finishing this month- lets just see what gets done.

The people that put up Self Portrait Tuesdays have declared February the good, the bad, and the ugly month.

Tomorrow we are leaving to go house (er, I mean boat) shopping again, but when we return, I have to decide whether to expose the ugly underbelly here that is my sewing workshop. Last year I organized and exposed my yarn stash - I'm just not sure I can go there with my sewing. It is more a part of me, and has been central to so much of my life, that the dis-order and well, sheer magnitude of it is much much more than my knitting has ever thought about being.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this:

Boat browsing in Chicago in February is supposed to invoke images like this in the hearts of sailors everywhere.
this was taken on Lake Charlevoix summer before last. that is me at the helm, way back there.
somehow, the concrete and steel structure that is the Expo center on Navy Pier, in February, lacks the ambiance to invoke much more than wishes.

On the agenda this time: seminars on navigation, radar, storage, and I forget what all else exciting to the senses. Aren't you jealous??


Jae said...

Goodness. I don't think I've ever practiced project monogamy. Not sure I could. I get bored very easily and having several projects at once cures that.

Have fun with the boat browsing. I can tell you are so excited by the prospect. ;)

Marina said...

You can't stop at one! Two , maybe. One for blog reading and another for the times when you can sit for longer than 10 minutes.