Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Infidelity Wins

While Jae is discovering the joys of knitting with intent, yesterday I broke with project fidelity:

In the morning I finished the Danica, weaving in ends and knitting the sawtooth border and blocking it,
then I unravelled the USMP
Last evening I knit on the feather and fan a bit
then I knit on Esmerelda a bit
then I knit on the Shinano Lady E a bit.

Then I ate a brownie!

I am not casting on any new projects until I turn to yellow a fair amount of what is left on the sidebar - but I just needed a day to 'swing'

Today, I sewed.
Tomorrow is another day - didn't someone say that already?


Elizabeth said...

go go go! Swing to your heart's content. It's supposed to be fun! and I've never heard of any STD equivalent from fiber promiscuity.

Marina said...

What happened? Well, at least you didn't begin anything new.

Anne said...

What is this obsession some people have with project fidelity? Do neglected projects get all sad? Do they OD on chocolate ice-cream? Do they go round and say mean things about you to their friends? No, they sit quite happily (or even impassively) waiting for you to get back to them.

Project Fidelity = overrated.