Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday Progress Report

Are we all totally tired of Knitting Olympics and glad to see the last of K.O. projects?
Congrats to everyone who finished! Really - but aren't we all glad that's over?
I'm waiting with bated breath to see if Stephanie was able to change the time-space continuum and finish that Dale Sweater.

I'm glad Lady E got done, I'm glad beyond saying that I participated and discovered the joys of starting AND finishing a project.
and, I accomplished some of my goals towards earning that yarn kit for the Jane Seymour - I learned Entrelac and knit the Lady E.

I think it's time to make like Jae and get all the active projects off needles, except what I am working on at the moment. However, I want to knit them off, to the point that the DB ruffle cardi is that you see below - where the only live stitches left are on a stitch holder.

I've made great progress this weekend on the Red Karabella cardi. It's knit in the 'round' as much as a cardi can be - fronts and back are knit together until the split at the raglan sleeve shaping. (the pattern isn't written that way, I converted it). tonight or tomorrow night I should be able to knit this right off the needles.

Feather and Fan and the other Lady E can tag along as mindless projects when I can't pay attention to what I'm knitting, and as long as I knit fairly frequently on them, I'm not worried about needle lines forming, especially with the Lady.

Still on the needles

Clockwise From top left:

Colchique front, feather and fan scarf, Esmerelda back, Lady E in Shinano, single glove, Karabella cable cardi in red cotton - fronts and back, Debbie Bliss ruffle cardi on stitch holder.

I'm making progress, but right now I'm still feeling the UFO field is a little too crowded.

Has anyone checked out Marina's FO's from the UFO Olympics? Impressive Indeed.

Time to make like I'm a social being again and pay some attention to my friends.


Marina said...

I'm glad the Knitting Olympics are over so that everyone can return to their frivolous, flirty, harlot-like ways ;-)

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

I do NOT KNOW how you do it! Maybe when my kids go to college... The Lady E is gorgeous. Go Team Merlot!