Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Update - Edited

a package, in the mail, for me, today, from my Secret Pal
The details even in the wrapping are fabulous, from the Toile wrapping to the ribbon with the woven white stripe.
And its RED! REd yarn, an alpaca tencel blend - I've been eyeing some of the tencel blends lately and wanting to try them out - what a great opportunity. And short dps - I really really need them before getting back to my abandoned glove project (not abandoned, just backburnered). The red yarn is going to turn into a soft squishy scarf for moi. Thank you!
And chocolate covered espresso beans - chocolate and caffeine - what better combination for a perk-me-up while doing this Olympic knitting?

thank you so much Secret Pal. (for reasons I can't even go into I was sitting here today feeling a little glum, and this was so nice)
my postman must think somethings up here - today he had to pick up a pkg that had a 'Secret Pal' return address label, and he delivered one with the same - however the one he delivered was wrapped far superior to the one he took! I'd take a pic of that except that it's all addresses that I'm not anxious to post here.


Jae said...

LOL! That is so funny! I'm impressed that you can mix wine and yarn without disastrous results.

Marina said...

Hope the picture of the wine was from last night ;-)

You're really zooming along. Are you going to finish the Shinano as well?

rachael said...

that's a gorgeous lady e! i've been wanting to do it myself, especially after seeing so many people making such beautiful ones.

thanks for your comment on my blog, although i had to laugh that you are missing snow. right now, in the middle of winter, is the time when i most *hate* the snow. i'd mail you some of mine if i thought it would work!

:-) rachael

Donni said...

I am also entered into the Combination Wine/Knitting Event - who will win?

Your Secret Pal said...

You're welcome! That was fast! I was hoping it would arrive on Valentine's Day, but I'm glad it reached you on a day when you needed a little pick-me-up. :)

Anonymous said...

That package is so lovely! It seems like you have a great SP7. Which makes up for... you know what!