Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pics later, on sk 10

Pics later, but I'm sailing along nicely on Lady E.
'coupla times I've hit the wall, and if I weren't on a mission with this project would happily have sidetracked off into another knit. This project monogamy is a challenge in and of itself!

So, what did I do Thursday after meeting and consulting with my knitting/sewing friends Sharron, Helen and Isabelle? I decided that knotting the fringe wouldn't be quite enough, that I needed to BEAD each knot.

So, Sharron and I, in the middle of a torrential rain, highed ourselves off to the bead store, to hand pick through at least 5000 beads to get just the right colors for her Lady E, my Lady E, and the training Lady E - that folks is 1000 beads.

But I will finish this Lady. and block her, then tie on the fringe, and knot it and bead it.
Hopefully in time to wear her to the Symphony next Saturday night. Can I do it?


Anne said...

Of course you can - now get knitting/tieing/knotting/beading :-)

Jae said...

What a great idea using beads! I can't wait to see the finished Lady E.

Donni said...

I am struggling with the single project too - made me realised how much I chop and change normally! The beads sound interesting :)

Marina said...

How creative? That's going to give it that extra oomph and set it apart from others. Lovely.