Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Two more projects off the sidebar

The training/learning project for Entrelac - Finished. Drying on the towels as I write.
Yarn: Trendsetter Dune and Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Mohair
needles: size 8 Brittany Black Walnut
End treatment: I got out Nicky Epsteins wonderful book Knitting on the Edge and used this sawtooth triangle in lieu of fringe. I think it worked rather well.

This particular project goes into the Christmas gift basket for '06 - if you are partial to this scarf and have reason to think you are on my list - don't hesitate to let me know. You just may find a surprise under your tree come next December. 'Cause right now I'm not sure where this will end up.

Sorry mom, but....This had to go.


Gone! Now this has the potential to become something I will like...and wear.

I need to wash the yarn and hang it to dry - but at least it is hanked.

Notice the weavers warping board I used to wind the yarn off? My eldest son made the warping board for me, and it is finished beautifully.


Donni said...

I was thinking that is one fantastic and unusal looking niddy noddy! :)

Marina said...

Can I borrow him to help make me a wooly board?

the stripey tiger said...

Oh brave moves Marji!! All those hours... Funny though how dispassionate you can be once you've decided that something isnt any good! :-)