Thursday, March 09, 2006

Back in Circulation

It's been an eventful and rough week+ here, which explains some of my absence from cyberland.
After a lot of drama, we welcome into our home as a permanent resident, my youngest dear step-daughter (henceforth to be referred to here as dsd). more drama I'm absolutely certain, as the legalities of this move get sorted out. The other 3 kids are all already at college (oh my aching bank account)

in no particular order we/I've also:
  • completed the refi on the house
  • supported eldest son through finals week and realization that there is yet another class that must be taken for graduation to happen
  • finished reading Eat Cake (easy light little read that leaves you longing for baked goods)
  • Finished listening to Anna Karenina (unabridged) on CD. If I'd been reading it, it would have been abandoned long ago, but I listened to it while knitting so got through it. Slog slog slog.
  • started and finished reading Life of Pi - which brings me to the fact that I've recently joined several new KAL - blog communities, one of which is KnitTheClassics. Must get buttons and links up on the sidebar.
  • cast on for and have half knit Lara by Debbie Bliss - out of (send up the flag!) Stashed Yarn! - an older tweedy number from Adrienne Vittadini
  • received my ISE scarf from Judy, aka SheepRustler, in Australia. it is a very interesting combination of I-cords, knit of various yarns and attached at random (I think they're random) points with stitches and/or buttons. I have a pic taken at my friend Sharrons yesterday, have to get to the other computer to post it.
  • knit off the needles (per stated goals) the back of Esmerelda and the body of the red cotton cardi. Esmerelda will get back burnered now til fall, Red cotton cardi will be finished at the end of this month, latest by mid-April. I'm loving that sweater. Had to pick up the size 0 addi turbo to start the yoke, meanwhile I can't stop knitting on this uber-fast Lara..
  • taken on a new student for private lessons and have started curriculum building. I may end up teaching at University yet.
  • Watched Chloe win Project Runway - only caught last 10 minutes last night so still haven't seen runway shows, but I'm not disappointed. And I Do hope that Daniel takes up Michael Kors on his job-offer. What an opportunity for Daniel!

Pics this afternoon when I get to loading from camera.


Anne said...

That does indeed sound like quite a week - oof.

I wasn't too sure about Pi - kind of half loved it, and half was intensely irritated by it.

KnitTheClassics sounds fun - but at the moment I've got too many books to read, and too many projects in the pipeline...

Hope the coming week is easier on you.

Elizabeth said...

Do you mean Life of Pi? I loved loved loved that book. It's both a good story and Great Literature. It's about the small details and The Big Questions.

Yes, you have been busy. Why does everything always happen at once?

Let's hope for quieter times ahead.

Sheep Rustler said...

Goodness, what a week! The scarf really didn't turn out quite as I had hoped, so I hope you don't mind - it was experimental! And yes, they are attached randomly, and hopefully will allow it to be worn in a variety of ways. There was supposed to be earrings to match, but when I started using the expensive, special headpins that I had bought for the purpose, the silver plating came off in my hands! Hence the beads instead.

Good luck with your step daughter. The legalities and other issues revolving around step-children isn't something I have personally experienced but I have known people who have gone through similar things, and I know it can be very fraught and long drawn out.

Three kids at college - I can hear the bank account groaning from here! At least we only have two kids, and I suspect that one of them will never leave home (not joking there, sadly).

Jae said...

Goodness! You have had quite the week. I am wishing you some peaceful downtime to restore your energy.

Donni said...

Wow - and all I have to worry about is a burnt plate....cheers to you - hope your weekend is better.

Marina said...

Wow, at least you accomplished a lot. Love the "about me" pic! Is it new? You look more relaxed and tanned there.

ScrapHappy said...

Great stuff in your post today! Really liked Eat Cake, so much that I ordered several of her other books. I liked Pi -- so different. So many things are derivative these days, that I appreciate something so unique! LOVE Lara -- it's top on my "someday" list. Am working on the Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater -- just have one more sleeve to go before seaming... Wish me luck!
Your scarf -- WOW!