Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Flash Your Stash '06

in a yarn-ographic twist on Spring Break, and
to coincide with the start of round two of Stashbusting Stashalong KAL,
and April Fools Day - for those of us that are fool enough to do it.
April 1st marks the 2nd annual

sign ups on the knitty board or at Zib's here

I think that I may even pull something out of the stash and add to Zibbibo's prize pile.

and now, it's time for the Wednesday AM WIP WIPEOUT update:

Lady Eleanor: on tier 22

VK 11: last sleeve will get sewn in today

Lara, side seams and ends woven in, today

Feather and Fan Scarf: ends woven in today

Colchique: knit back up to point that I ripped from a month ago. finally ready to finish the front.

Does anyone understand why Blogger is so tempermental about uploading pics these day?

Frustration city.


Marina said...

I love the Silk Garden and Colchique.

Looks like you'll be finishing three items today. Will Elizabeth be making an appearance soon? How much closer are you to getting the yarn for Jane Seymour?

Donni said...

Go you good thing - you can do it. I have a question - what's a "kegger"?

Jae said...

I really like the Colchique. That ribbing appears to have a very interesting pattern. I also just realized that your works on hold are "sleeping". Too funny!

I'm not glad, but it is a relief to know that I'm not the only one having finicky blogger pic issues.

Red Dog Knits - Kristi and Otis said...

Thanks for leaving me your comments on my blog about the cardi knitaling and yes, I am taking a class with Sarah - this is my second one and she is wonderful!

Your Mystery Swap Pal said...

A package should arrive shortly.

KSD said...

No, I can't figure the deal with Blogger. Like you, I struck while the iron was hot yesterday, and got one picture up. A friend helped post another.

And, as one who live in Athens, GA --- first, I assumed all knew what a kegger was. Second, it's a party where the chief refreshment is beer in aluminum kegs. Lots of them.