Sunday, March 19, 2006

a foody day, and Secret Pals..

I love to cook. This is no secret.
Today ended up being a real foody kind of a day.
This morning I got up and made a sour cream coffee cake to have with b'fast - my son was here from college, and dsd was home. I used a new tube pan that I got yesterday - a small little 1/2 size silicone baking tube pan. I was super skeptical, but I really wanted to give this silicone bakeware a try - because it would be Ideal for the boat. I LOVED it.
Kids, it's going on my Christmas list - only a small amount - a loaf pan, a square baking pan, a round cake pan - maybe a cupcake pan. That's it. But it baked evenly, came out totally clean without any greasing of the pan, cleans up easily, and won't degrade in a salt water environment, not to mention the ability to wad it up to store it. If you haven't tried it - run out and get some.

Tonight I made a mushroom risotto, braised fennel and radicchio, and grilled wahoo. the keys to the risotto: quick sautee chopped baby bellas over High heat in butter, then set aside to be folded in just before serving; hydrate some dried porcinis in the liquid (I use equal amounts chicken and beef broth) used to cook the risotto - intensifies the mushroom flavor, and add a dash of soy sauce to the mushroom broth.

Secret Pals Stuff
Can't wait to find out who my SP7 is. Whoever you are, youve been great. Thank you! I know you've been reading my blog, 'cause I've read your occasional comment.
And a shout out HI to Carmen. I emailed you earlier to let you know who I am, however there is still a final pkg on the way.

and HI to Becca from the Project Spectrum Swap I have such great ideas for you. I've already half put together the pkg. But I want to know a bit more about you.

I'm also participating right now in the Knit the Classics - and signed on for the Mystery Book swap. What's funny is, I picked up the book for the swap, started reading it to make sure it was ok to send, and got so into it, I had to go buy another copy to send! LOL. I hope she likes it as well as I seem to. Challenge is, I loved reading Life of Pi, even though it was never a book that appealed to me and not one I would have picked up and read on my own....and my swap pal didn't like it - I don't htink she even read it through, so, .... what if she doesn't like the mystery?
oh well, I don't htink that'll be a real issue. Mystery is such a diff genre than Life of Pi. I can see where people just wouldn't be able to get into a story ostensibly about a boy stranded in a lifeboat with a Tiger - stretches the ability to suspend your disbelief.
Once she's got the mystery I'll reveal what it is.

I just finished listening to The Kiterunner. I kept wondering, all the way through, "What was his motivation for writing this story?" It's just sad, all the way around. Not enlightening, not deep, not anything. Just SAD.

Paula, if you are reading this: I owe you an email, but yes, I htink I am going to read Moll Flanders. I picked it up at Borders over the weekend too. But may still upload it from Audible books and listen to it.

ok, time to see what I can get done on that Cochique Front.

oh, Julsey, I don't know, what do you think? I'm thinking the Jaeger Aqua, on the swatches, but that may be too heavy. Still ruminating while I finish up some of these WIP's.


Avivah said...

Hey, Marji! I keep wondering if I should pick up Life of Pi again and give it another chance. I really didn't get very far. My reasons on not liking it weren't because it stretched my imagination, though. I didn't even get to that part. In fact, I was quite enjoying it until it got into the zoo animals, and the stories about them getting hurt. I then realized the tiger must be a zoo animal, and I didn't want to find out if there was more animal sufferage later in the book. I also didn't like the viewpoint on zoos. Oh my, I just realized I was about to fill your page up with a big long opinion that I don't even know if you want to listen to! Ha. Getting a little carried away in my explanation, wasn't I?

I was just looking on your flickr. I love your weaving, and your other projects are coming along nicely! Beautiful stuff.

Your Secret Pal said...


I've been sidelined by a pesky illness, but I'm just finishing up the contents of your last package! Hope to get it out Wednesday or Thursday! ;)

BeccaU said...

Ooh! I've just updated my blog, pictures tonight - I'm working on the colorswap package too - I'm learning I like orange and yellow a lot more than I thought (even though I was massively confused, and started looking for yellow and greed!)
What can I tell you?