Monday, March 27, 2006

It's Raining, it's pouring

And I think I'll just dial up Las Vegas and order one of these fun numbers to protect my Dark and Short new hair from the Spring Showers. Isn't that just one of the prettiest umbrellas you've ever seen?

In weekend news, I got lots and lots of projecting done. Mostly in my sewing room. Blue curtains finished for my son Daniels room at college (Finally!) and some surprise sewing for some swap pals. Can't post too much about it here, yet.

Stashalong starts this weekend, so last week I ordered and got the rest of the linen print i needed to be able to knit that Drops cardi (you've seen it already), and I broke down and ordered a skein of the yellow Lollygirl colorway from Mama-E. It should be here by Friday, so I'm ok w/ not acquiring more yarn after the start of the Stashalong. Maybe I'll actually knit a pair of socks, but doubtful. More likely I'll have another go at that Princess Scarf that nearly defeated me that I knit for Maisie for the ISE exchange. I loved the finished project, and although the pattern is written as a stole in a heavier yarn, I really think it is meant to be knitted of merino sock yarn that is hand-dyed. It came out so pretty.

So, at the end of this week, I'll be sending out some packages, and I've got some little incidentals, products of this weekends sewing, that I'd love to share and send along to friends who read my blog. email me your snail mail address if I don't have it, if you would like a Little surprise in the mlweaving at earthlink dot net

One more thing: Is there any interest out there in participating in a Knit Along for a project from Alice Starmores Tudor Roses? I'm thinking starting somewhere around Memorial Day - be a nice take-along vacay knit, any project from the book. Carrie K has already said she would be interested. let me know in the comments. ohh, maybe I could even interest Dicksie, who is the queen of all time of Alice Starmore Knits, to consult for us. I'll try to find the link for Dicksie's photo album. I want to knit like Dicksie, Eunny, and Marina, all rolled into one, when I grow up. And Sew like Susan Khalje.


Marina said...

You temptress! You've got me looking for my Tudor Roses. Next thing you know, I'll be picking out a pattern or two. Ugh!

Love the "Lollygirl". Just say "no" to socks! If there was anything I could count on, it was not seeing socks on your blog. Be strong!

Dipsy D. said...

Gosh, this umbrella is truly amazing, haven't seen anything as cool before!
I love the yellow yarn you got yourself, such a vibrant color, perfect for spring!
Have fun knitting, and best wishes from Austria!

KSD said...

Good to know I'm not the only one buying up yarns before Stashalong begins!

Jae said...

I like the new do! (I am assuming that the new sidebar photo is your shorter hair and not the old style pulled back.)

I think the Lollygirl will make a lovely princess scarf. It is also a good color to welcome in the Spring season.

Carrie K said...

Come to the darkside, marina!

The scarf looks gorgeous and I love that umbrella! We're (SF Bay area) only a day away from setting a record rainfall in March that's stood since 1904. I love rain, but I usually end up working through the whole season.

Avivah said...

I'd love to join a Tudor Roses KAL. I don't have it yet, but it's on my wish list.

That yellow colourway is all happy and summery (not a word...).

Maggie said...

Love the umbrella! Your Lollygirl yarn is so vibrant. It would definitely make a beautiful scarf. The Princess Scarf is gorgeous! Packages? I love little surprises. So you are interested in the DB silk book? What books do you have for swapping? I'm so happy you stopped by my blog.