Friday, March 10, 2006

pics galore

Spring/summer knitting

I've gone and signed up for the Stash-along.
Needs must do
although, with the exception of a lapse last week when I bought some incredibly lovely Plymouth Bamboo (pic yet to come) I've done amazingly well at limiting the stash enhancement this calendar year.

so, right now I've got Lara on the needles - pics somewhere near the bottom of this collage
also up in the queue:

Drops cardi

and this EL number is to become, with some modification, my project this month for Life of Pi. reasoning and details to come (oh, aren't you on the edge of your seat?)

Lara - she sure is coming along fast.

These next two are contenders for the yarn that was USMP
Both are Rowan patterns (I promise details on which book they came from when I dig the books back out), Agnes (the pinkish one) is written for cashsoft 4 ply - which in terms of yarn substitution, the DB baby cashmerino is a one-to-one sub without any problem
the other is Agnes, and is written for Rowan cotton 4ply, and I think both the weight and the gauge will again be a one-to-one sub. IF you think otherwise please speak up - I really don't want to start again on something with this yarn where the substitution was a BAD BAD idea.

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Jae said...

The baby cash would be an easy sub for the cash soft. The Rowan Cotton 4-ply knits up a little stiffer than the Cashsoft but I think the DB Baby Cashmerino would still be a good sub for the cotton. I think it may soften your sweater a little more than the one in the picture. Looking at the pic it may affect the drape at the shoulders and the collar, but not in a bad way.