Monday, March 13, 2006

Serial knitting

Ah, did I mention that the summer projects just put into the lineup are for Serial Knitting, not consecutive knitting?

No, I didn't mention that? Seems I've discovered the delights of (mostly)monogamous knitting. Thank you Yarn Harlot. And Risa has come up with an informal WIP Wipeout which fits nicely with what I've already started. Goal is to get down to just a few projects on the needles. She's set Wednesdays for updates for that - sounds good to me.

Must update the status bars on the sidebar, but the Lara is nearly done. Not bad, from cast on to seaming in less than 3 weeks. I've just got to finish knitting the right sleeve. Then, while I'm at the seaming, I'll finish setting in the left sleeve of the VK11 and that will be Finished. That's right, all that sweater needs is the last sleeve sewn in. Thing is, it's too warm now to wear it til next fall (late fall).

Am trying to knit a skein a week on the other Lady E, so that is satisfying any urges I have to alternate knits. That will get that done on a schedule too.

I showed off my Lady E at the Knitting Guild on Saturday and there was a lot of interest in the yarn, the pattern, the entrelac. I ended up showing a couple of women how to do entrelac, and Dianna, the Guild president already has hers planned.

On the home front, we are in a momentary lull in the upheaval. It won't last.


Marina said...

Oiy, stop looking for problems where there are none, OK?

I saw that! Funny how some feel a release from all that monogamy and go hog wild while others stay monogamous.

I guess I'm #1 but 4ish projects seems doable.

Elizabeth said...

This March I'm mostly focusing on two projects that both have deadlines. I don't like it! My mind is wandering to other ideas and I find myself sneaking off to my stash room and making little swatches, because, after all swatching doesn't count, right? (I'm the Bill Clinton of knitting fidelity.)

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

I am on a stash-busting diet! Don't have many WIPs but tons of slated yarn that I would like to work through.

You inspire me!

Jae said...

I should really give this along some thought! Goodness knows my sidebar could use it. :) Though I have been pretty good about sticking to the 2 projects at a time rule.

Also, here's hoping that things stay relatively calm at the homestead. Change can always be tough at it's start.