Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sexy Knitting results are In

Ya, I know I was coming back on Wednesday with update - you don't really want another yawn update right now do you?

so, instead, I'm here to report that the voting was close - ridiculously close - on the sweater to knit next for the Sexy Knitters KAL. I had nominated my fav little Drops Cardi which only garnered 11% of the vote - sad but true.

Annie Modesitt's v sexy but complex knit Silk Corset and Knitty's Tubey each got 16% of the vote, and the remaining votes were split 28% for Orangina and 29% for Somewhat Cowl.
Orangina you can see on my entry from two days ago - it's on my list already.
but Somewhat Cowl....
interesting neckline. You'll notice that in the pattern photo there isn't any full on front photo to give the knitter a clear idea of what this is going to look like. Isn't that everyone's complaint with Rowan? Too much Art and Style in photos and not enough information on what the thing looks like? I digress.

I've found 3 pics on the internet of finished Somewhat Cowls
I'm just not sure about that collar sitting out there. The cowls I remember from the 80's (ackkkkk, in Roxane-speak) were drapey soft things. This is pretty stiff and 'out there'
Check them out and let me know what you think.
Actually, all of these examples look to be knit beautifully by really competent knitters - and I'd seriously consider following the lead of the cabled version, just please I would have to change that collar thing.
scroll down on that last one

What do you think?

oh, bonus: for the Drops free pattern fans among us: check out this cotton number- v cute with cables and shape. it's pattern 15-1


Marina said...

How is it that the creator of "somewhat cowl" manages without an undershirt while everybody else needs one?

Sorry, but that bugs me ;-)

Anne said...

Hmmmm - really not convinced by the neckline - but then my special skill is making good necklines look dodgy... It's a gift - not everyone has it...

Ah well.

Elizabeth said...

First a point of disclosure, Wendy B is a good internet friend of mine.

The last link you showed, the woman made her neckline extremely deep. One certainly doesn't need to make it that deep to get the effect. I think playing with that on your own body as you knit will result in a plunge that doesn't require a shirt under. Also, Wendy's bra is showing a bit in her pics, but the color goes with the yarn color.

As a sewer with years of experience fitting garments, you'll get that a snugger fit will allow a deep neckline that doesn't gap away from the body, revealing all, when the wearer bends over.

If you want a drapey cowl, a good variation would be to make the collar longer and do not fold it over and sew down. This will allow the drapey effect you're referring to.

And another point of disclosure: I really like the way Wendy looks in hers and I have no doubt that you will look great in yours. But this isn't a garment that us pudge-bodies of the world should try! (in my humble opinion.)

Becky said...

Thanks for the examples of SC. I had looked around for some and didn't find much. I've never been a fan of cowls, but saw a commercial sweater with the very deep neckline and like it. If that's a modification, it would be way above my head, skillwise.

You've done a lot toward helping me decide. Thanks again!

Avivah said...

Hey, Marji! I came over here to reply. I do crochet, a bit. I have made a flower and played with just making swatches. That's all I've done so far though, though I would like to do more. The crocheted border sounds like a great idea, and luckily, I went to my local store yesterday and picked up a book I've been wanting (The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques, by Nancie M. Wiseman), and it talks about just that!

Oh I don't think you are being smart at all. :D That is a very good question. I think I would be fine with that, as long as the animals are well treated, and loved as pets are. I've actually considered adopting an angora bunny named Chewbacca, who has had a hard life. I thought it would be so neat to see how just grooming him, which would be an essential part of taking care of him, would produce wonderful fibers for spinning. I do want to learn to spin. My only concern with fibers that are shed, is the question of how the animals are treated.

Gosh, I love how your blog is set up. I wish I knew more html!

Avivah said...

Hmm..I'm not sure about the "somewhat cowl" neckline, either. I'd have to think about it more. I noticed what Marina, did, too. I thought that was odd.

Tricotine said...

Thank you for posting a comment in my blog, Marji, and to point the SC's neckline thing to me...

I have been looking at the links you posted in your blog and that helped me to make up my mind! :)

I think the first photo shows the SC made a little too large but the third one, Erica's version motivated me to take the SC neckline challenge! I love the way it fits her!

If I am not happy with the cowl the way it is instructed by Wendy in her pattern, I think I will try to make a square neckline.

I love challenges, and this is a great one!!!

Thank you!

Isabelle aka Tricotine

Erica B. said...

When I made mine, I have no idea what I did to cause my neckline to plunge that low. But I have grown to love it and it is now one of my favorite sweaters. Call it an error that turned into a integral part of the design!

JustApril said...

I can already tell that it would look terrible on me =) I'm glad to sit out this KAL, I wanted to do the Alpacha Cardi anyway! LOL

Avivah said...

Unfortunately, it is hard to tell when you are not actually there to see the animals. I really wouldn't be okay with it if they were "used". As in, even though the fur was shed, they were only there for that purpose. I would want the animal to be loved and cared for, as a pet. I consider my pets my children...that's how I would want them to be treated.